From WOSU:

An environmental group is calling for national policymakers to take action after a report shows significant increase in toxic algae. Ohio is on the list of states experiencing problems.
The nation is experiencing a massive outbreak of toxic algae on its lakes, rivers and ponds. That’s the word from the National Wildlife Federation following a new report which says more than 20 states have issued health advisories and warnings.
Ohio is among those states with harmful algal blooms. Lake Erie, Grand Lake St. Marys, and Buckeye Lake have all had warnings or advisories issued at some point this year.
Andy Buchsbaum with the NWF’s Great Lakes Regional Center says the problem is getting significantly worse with more harmful nutrients running off agricultural fields and more severe storms.
Buchsbaum urges that this problem will only get worse unless strong policies are implemented on the state and federal level.
“We need incentives for farmers who are already trying to do the best job they can—we need financial incentives for them to be able to keep the fertilizer on their fields longer and more efficiently,” says Buchsbaum.
The Ohio Senate is currently discussing a bill that proposes standards for nutrient management.