Ag Conversions recently unveiled plans for its new Grand Lake St. Marys plant, which will convert manure into ferttilizer.  The new facility will be built on U.S. Route 127 at State Route 119, which is located south of Celina. The facility will be a $11 million to $12 million investment in the community.

The company, AG Conversions, will be bringing 60 new jobs to the area who will work at the new facility. Also, 180 indirect jobs will be created who will be drivers and warehouse workers, for example, and a total of 240 jobs.

AG Conversions said it hopes to break ground this spring and be ready for production soon.

The goal of this process to is help reduce the amount of animal waste that is going into Grand Lake St. Marys, causing the blue-green algae that has affected the lake in the last couple of years.