Alum treatment tests conducted this week yielded clear water at both Grand Lake St. Marys St. Park Campground and Windy Point test sites, said GLSM State Park Manager Brian Miller. 

The water was described as "wishing well clear," meaning it was so clear one could toss a penny in and see it at the bottom of the channel. 

The public is encouraged to visit both sites this weekend to see the results of the pilot alum tests and the clear water. 

The initial test results and resulting clear water mean that it is very promising that a whole-lake application will be successful.

The next steps is for the Ohio EPA to monitor each test site for six weeks to determine how well the treatment maintains clear water and compare them to last year’s test results before determining a whole-lake application strategy. 

Directions to Grand Lake St. Marys State Park Campground

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Directions to Windy Point