On December 5, the LIA will hold its annual election during its December meeting at the Celina Moose.

Nominations are requested for 5 officer positions and 3 trustee positions listed below.  The LIA officers have appointed an election committee consisting of LIA trustees Brian Monroe and Doug Rentz to conduct the election.

  • President: 1-year term
  • Vice President: 1-year term
  • Secretary: 1-year term
  • Treasurer: 1-year term
  • Master at Arms: 1-year term
  • Trustee (3 positions): 2-year term

The LIA is requesting and encourages nominations for the listed positions.  Nominations can be made by contacting LIA officers, trustees, or members of the election committee prior to the November 7 LIA meeting or from the floor during the November LIA meeting.  Nominations will be accepted until the end of the meeting. After the close of the November meeting, nominations will no longer be accepted.