Ed’s Landing & Dance Hall, located west side of Montezuma Bay, 1940’s.

GLSM History Special:  Remember the South Side Landings?

By  Joyce L. Alig, President, Mercer County Historical Society

Mark Piening, VP, and Brian Morris, Member of Lake Improvement Association, and I have been discussing preserving the History of Grand Lake Saint Marys, for today as well as for future generations.

I cannot tell you how many people have requested information about the history of Grand Lake Saint Marys, these past forty years.  Whoever thinks that the Mercer County Historical Society does not serve Tourists is lacking in knowledge.  For the past forty years, I have answered tourists’ requests about the history of Mercer County as well as history of Grand Lake Saint Marys.  I have studied history of the Miami and Erie Canal and Reservoir.  My published articles about the oil wells on this Lake, have been copied many times.  One of my most enjoyable studies was about Landings on Grand Lake Saint Marys.

While writing the 2007 book, “Bibliography of Historic Resources for Franklin Township,” I was surprised at the number of Landings, Resorts, and Businesses, which I found on the South side of Grand Lake Saint Marys in Franklin Township.  These Lake sites may bring back a lot of great memories?

Adam’s Marine Sales, Andy’s Roadhouse, Aquaview, Bake Tree, Ballinger’s Park, Bass Landing, Bayview Lodge, ( & Pub, Restaurant, Marina, Campground, Sun and Snow), Beach Point Billiards & Pizza, Behm’s Landing & Restaurant, Best-Par Golf, Brandon Landing, Brookside, Bruce Landing & Marina, Club Island, Coldwater Beach, Cole’s Carry Out, Colson Landing, Corner Marine, Corner Store, Cottonwood Park & Beach, D & W Marina, Davis Landing, Restaurant & Ice Cream Stand, Day’s Landing, Decoy Inn, Diamond Point, Doc’s Inn, Dorsten’s Landing & Ice Cream Stand, Dorstens Landing, Doss Landing, Duckfoot Landing & Bar and Grill, Ed’s Landing & Dance Hall, Fenner’s Bar & Restaurant, Grand Haven Mobile Home Park and Sales, Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park, Grieshop’s Landing, Hecht’s Landing, Hein’s Bait Shop, Hein’s Place, Hidden Shores, Hillside Park, Lake Resort ~ The Famous Russell’s, Houser’s Landing, It’s It Landing and Bar & Grill, Jack’s Landing, John Mohler’s Hunting Lodge, Ken’s Landing, Kittle Landing, Klosterman Development Corp., K_NOOZ Restaurant, Kozy Kamp Ground, Kozy Marina Sales, Lakes Mobile Home Park, Lakeshore, The Landings, Landings Way, Lee’s Landing, Lee’s Lakeside Landing and Park, Leonard’s Landing, Lighthouse on Montezuma Bay, E.G. Luken Resort, McQueens Bait & Tackle, Malone Landing, The Maples, Matthew’s Landing, Montezuma Acres West, The Oaks Park, Park Grand Resort, (& Marina, Restaurant, Snowmobile Sales), Pat’s Landing, Prairie Creek Acres, Rand’s Corner Market, Riverside Landing, Runkle’s Landing, Ryan’s Bait and Tackle, St. Elmo’s Boat House, Scott’s Gift Shop, Shade-More, Shell Gas Station, Sherman’s Landing, Shingle Shack Restaurant, Shirley’s Bar and Grill, South Bay, South Point, South Shore Inn, Strasburg Bait, Sunny Side Inn, Sun Set Landing and Park, Sunset Laundry, Treasure Cove, Turtle Neck Point, Willow Creek, Willow Grove Landing, Windy Corners, Windy Point Beach (& Lunch Stand, Carry Out, Marina, Rock Shop, Sportsman Shop), Windy Point State Park, Woodhaven Park & Resort, Woodhaven Mobile Home Court, Woody’s Marine, Wright’s Resort, Zeb’s Landing and Resort.

I called Evart Dorsten and asked about any new businesses on the Lake in Franklin Township, since 2007.  Rumors, (Doc’s Inn site) burned down.  Shocker’s Bar and Grill, 6585 Bruce Road; Riverside Landing, 82 N. Canal Street, and Zuma Thru, Carry-out and Gas Station, 6939 St. Rt. 219 are new since 2007.  Remember these sites are in Franklin Township. The other three sides of the lake are not listed.  These Franklin Township Books are available for five dollars, through the Mercer County Historical Society.

I would love to see Lake Citizens erect signs with their Heritage Names at each Site around this Lake!  How many Local Lake Historians live on this Lake and belong to the Lake Improvement Association?  How many Local Citizens belong to the Mercer County Historical Society?  You are invited to join.

[The Mercer County Historical Society President Joyce Alig, may be contacted at 3054 Burk-St. Henry Road, Saint Henry, OH 45883,  or histalig@bright.net or 419-678-2614.]