Abbey Tobe, GLWWA Watershed Coordinator, offers the following update:

The end of November wrapped up the 2013 season for the Lawn and Garden Soil Testing Program offered through Mercer SWCD and Helena Agronomic Center.  This program offers discounted soil sample coupons.  Residents in the Grand Lake St. Marys and Wabash Watershed could have lawn or garden soil samples completed for $5 a sample.  This program is made available through funding provided by the Lake Improvement Association, Helena Agronomic Center, and the Grand Lake Wabash Watershed Alliance.
144 samples were taken.  The chart below breaks down the samples based on phosphorus results.  Additionally, the samples were tested for  pH, organic matter, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.  Helena then provided recommendations based on these results for Lawn Care Programs they offer.
We will be offering this program again in 2014, so be on the lookout in early March to do your part in monitoring your lawns and gardens.
On another note, the final day to haul manure within the GLSM Watershed is Sunday, December 15th.  During the ban period (Dec. 15 – Mar 1), you may see farmers hauling manure on the road to transfer manure between their storage facilities.  Farmers are allowed to move manure, but cannot field apply manure.
Stay safe as you adjust to winter driving conditions.