GLWWA Watershed Coordinator recently shared the following updates with the LIA:

“The Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) ranking for 2014 is wrapping up and new contracts will be awarded.  At the October LIA meeting, Terry Mescher gave a presentation on progress being made in the GLSM watershed: 
To further expand on the details of this progress, the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) has published EQIP Summary Reports for the GLSM Watershed for each year since 2010.  These reports can be found at  Each report breaks down the number of participants, the number of acres or structures installed, and the total cost for each practice.
Below is a graph showing obligated contracts and dollars for the GLSM watersheds from 2008-2013.
It is important to recognize the work the farming community has put forth on making improvements on individual farms.  The Lake Restoration Commission is working on compiling summary information on what has been achieved since creating “The Strategic Plan for the Grand Lake St. Marys Restoration Commission”  The summary will be published to show what has been implemented within the whole GLSM watershed.