Celina Governor’s Cup Regatta Committee Co-Chairs Myron Buxton and Scott Anderson are announcing the cancellation of the 2012 Celina Governor’s Cup Regatta. After meeting with representatives of the American Powerboat Racing Association, the sanctioning body for the Inboard Hydroplane Series, it was determined that the depth of the waters in and around the race course area would not be ideal to race safely. Committee members discussed the situation on Saturday with Region 6 Race Officials, several racers and other race teams before making their decision to cancel the event.

“Although the lake is open and safe for recreational boating, hydroplane racing is a dangerous sport, drivers understand the risks and prepare themselves and their equipment to minimize the risks as much as possible,” says Anderson, Regatta Co-Chair, “We could not in good conscience conduct our race in waters that have the potential to leave a racer trapped in their boat with no way out if it were to flip, land upside down and need deeper water to accommodate their capsule”.
“The ongoing efforts of the Lake Restoration Commission, addressing the issues that led to the cancellation of our event in 2010, have had a very positive impact and made it possible for Celina to host the 2011 APBA Inboard Hydroplane Worlds Championship” says Myron Buxton, Regatta Co-Chair. “It’s unfortunate that circumstances beyond the control of our committee and those working so hard to make our lake healthier, have contributed to the cancellation this year’s event”.
The Regatta Committee thanks all our local sponsors, volunteers, and community leaders who, in a challenging fund raising year, supported the effort to make this year’s race happen. Unfortunately the drought which has affected so many communities in our area and throughout the Midwest presented the committee with a greater obstacle than the financial challenge, and forced the cancellation. The committee is looking forward to bringing the hydroplanes back to Celina in 2013.