Mercer County Soil and Water has launched a new website, Grand Again, at, to help you learn more about how what you use in your house, on your lawn, in your business, and more affects the watershed and Grand Lake St. Marys. 

On the new website, you can learn why it's important to monitor nonpoint source pollution and simple, easy to follow tips for how you can reduce and eliminate this waste from your life and help clean Grand Lake St. Marys as well as the entire watershed.

Topics covered include lawn and garden, storm water, septic systems, pet waste, and hazardous waste.

Join the Movement: Click here to take part in a survey for your chance at a phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer treatment package that will cover 10,000 square feet of lawn, and get helpful tips on how you can begin living phosphorus-free and make Grand Lake St. Marys “Grand Again!”

The survey is a required portion of a grant for the website, which was funded by the Ohio Environmental Education Fund.