Grand Lake St. Marys State Park Manager Brian Miller recently offered the following updates:

  • A local committee has been pulled together to review lake level management. One of their first actions was to study the impact of opening a spillway tube (gate). Currently one tube is open 40".
  • The new dredge "Brutus" is to arrive March 20 at the East Bank launch ramp parking lot.
  • Crappie fishing is the best it has been in MANY years!! (Remember to purchase your 2012 fishing license)
  • The old Ohio Marine has been purchase by some local individuals.
  • East Bank Launch Ramp renovation project bids are open.
  • Windy Point Launch Ramp has been repaired so that boat trailers do not drag on transition of ramp any longer.
  • Harmon's Rip Rap project completed.
  • Kozy Island Rip Rap project started.
  • Another aggressive dredge season to begin within the next month.
  • Dock invoices have been mailed and are due by May 1st. (50% discount)
  • Many other projects will be taking place this year also to make Grand Lake St. Marys State Park a premier destination.