The Bar Stool Open is a longstanding Grand Lake St. Marys tradition, plus a major fundraiser that helps improve the lake. It's one of the most fun events held annually on the lake, and everyone who joins in has a blast.  

The Lake Improvement Association wants to continue to bring this day of bar-hopping mini-golf fun around Grand Lake St. Marys to the public, and we need your help.  

We're looking for committee members to assist in planning the 2013 Bar Stool Open.  Don't worry – we're not asking you to sign your soul over!  All we need is a few dedicated individuals like you who are willing to make this year's BSO the best ever, and to have a ton of fun doing it!

Get your friends together and form a team to:

  • communicate BSO rules and agenda to participating bars
  • recruit corporate sponsors (don't worry, we can help with this)
  • judge during the BSO (remember, the bars are open!)
  • hand out awards during the after party
  • oversee general BSO operations and report progress to LIA executive board

The LIA already has a system that works, and we handle the marketing aspect.  We just need a few volunteers to fill in the blanks.  

The Bar Stool Open is the most fun way to help restore Grand Lake St. Marys, and is a perfect opportunity to participate in an event that benefits the entire community. The purpose of establishing a committee of your friends is to ensure no one has to do too much, and everyone has a great time achieving an oustanding accomplishment with the people they already love to be with.  

For more information, please contact Mark Piening at