From the Daily Standard:

About 50 people attended a meeting Tuesday in Celina to learn about a process that turns swine manure into an asphalt-like material, fertilizer coatings and other products traditionally petroleum-based.

Jim Sattler, owner of NuVention in Valley View, the Ohio company developing the process, told the group he wants to set up an operation in Mercer County within a year. He hopes to have 45 units operating in Ohio in the next five years.
Sattler wants to install portable units the size of a flatbed trailer at individual farms. The units would separate the manure solids and then "pressure cook" them in a reactor, producing a thick, black asphalt-type substance called bio oil. A gray water discharge from the process would be available for the farmers.
Sattler said each unit would be designed to handle manure from 5,000 to 10,000 hogs. The company would supply all the equipment, and the farmer would be paid about $9 per pig, per year for the manure.