Need help during the Scavenger Hunt? Get it here!

How to scan a QR code

Most smartphones automatically scan QR codes with their cameras. Here are specific instructions for:

If your phone doesn’t automatically scan QR codes, you can download a free QR code reader app. You can try these options or simply search your app store for “QR code reader” or “QR code scanner.”

What to do if QR codes aren’t working

Each sign also includes a URL (like you can manually type into your phone’s web browser. Type it in, and it will take you to the same place the QR code scanner will.

What to do if you can’t figure out the clues

Each page along your journey also allows you to see the next location without solving the clues. Simply scroll down to reveal your next stop!

What to do if your phone stops working, you’ve lost network connection or you’re otherwise stumped or lost

We call this the “go nuclear” option. If absolutely necessary, you can find the full list of locations here (THIS WILL BE POSTED THE DAY OF THE EVENT).