Wright State University-Lake Campus envisions the addition of water quality institute by Grand Lake St. Marys as part of its recently-announced expansion. No timeline is yet set for the institute; the following is from an official WSU announcement:

Lake Campus Concept for a Water Quality Institute 
The WSU Lake Campus envisions a Water Quality Institute that would foster innovation through 1) academic and industry collaborations and 2) link research to address business, industry and community needs. 
Academic and industry collaborations will establish sustainable actions and tools having the ability to fuel the regional economy while resolving the causes and sources of the lake degradation and create market-based technologies. 
Research will be conducted to connect academia and industry in the development of tools, techniques and strategies encouraging job growth and business expansion. Research will be collected and shared with researchers and developers to understand the underlying matrix of actions leading to the decline of the natural environment and/or development of technologies to repair or utilize the stressors on the system for productive growth. 
• Identification and decrease of stressors on Grand Lake St. Marys and its watershed.
• Development of entrepreneurial funding to created innovative restoration tools.
• Collection and dissemination of research related to inland lakes and stressors.
• Opportunities for academic internships and other field experiences.
• Pilot research opportunities for Big Data in emerging projects in wind energy, algae, solar, agriculture clusters.
• Opportunities to work with the Wright State University Research Institute.