The Lake Facilities Authority has been approved as part of the state budget Ohio Governor John Kasich recently signed.  The measure grants legal status to the LFA to receive grants, donations, and other resources to help restore Grand Lake St. Marys.  The LFA represents a milestone that will grant more local authority for the restoration of Grand Lake St. Marys. 

In addition to creating the LFA, the budget includes appropriations for continued dredging as well as the development of a treatment train on Coldwater Creek.

Grand Lake St. Marys Restoration Commission Manager Milt Miller was recently interviewed by WCSM Radio regarding the LFA.  LISTEN NOW

WCSM Radio also interviewed Rep. Jim Buchy regarding the LFA.  LISTEN NOW

LEARN MORE in William Kincaid's article, published by The Daily Standard. 

  • The LFA will grant local officials authority to accept grants, place levies on the ballot, receive land from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, sell anticipation and revenue bonds and own and operate algae-mitigation facilities.
  • All LFA activity must be directly connected to algae mitigation.
  • Proposals for new taxes would have to be approved at the polls by those who live in the watershed and surrounding impacted areas.
  • The six commissioners in Mercer and Auglaize counties, who will serve as the LFA board of directors, will appoint members of political subdivisions to that board.
  • The LFA will be empowered to designate which areas near the lake are most affected by the lake's poor condition.
  • Any proposed property tax levies will be capped at 1-mill. Auglaize and Mercer counties' current 3 percent lodging tax could be raised to a maximum of 5 percent. It presently is paid by 12 area hotels to support the two-county visitors' bureau.