The Lake Facilities Authority held its first official meeting Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013, according to a Daily Standard article by Shelley Grieshop. 


Article highlights include:

  • Its board of directors – commissioners from Mercer and Auglaize counties – discussed plans to draft and adopt formal resolutions for the establishment of the LFA and the appointment of a taxing advisory council.
  • Legislators created the LFA in this year's state budget bill; it is the only LFA in Ohio. The group can apply for and receive grants, purchase and sell land and propose a tax levy to appear on the ballot for voters in the impacted areas.
  • The LFA wasn't solely created to propose taxes. Focus on acquiring grants and other funds to purchase land near the lake to slow development and create buffers and wetlands.
  • The council can only recommend a tax levy; the board of directors can put it on the ballot but the public has the final say.