The Lake Improvement Association met its goals for 2012 and looks forward to continuing to play a vital role in the restoration of Grand Lake St. Marys in 2013.  

LIA Achievements for 2012

  • Raised more than $40,000 for Grand Lake St. Marys restoration via the Beach Party, Golf Outing, Bar Stool Open, Membership Dues and Donations
  • Restored Windy Point Beach
  • Sponsored Eagle Scout Alex Bowler's Windy Point shelter house construction
  • Contributed funds for the building of the Montezuma Boat House, which reduces emergency response time for Grand Lake St. Marys emergencies
  • Sponsored the Kids Fishing Derby for developmentally disabled children in Auglaize and Mercer Counties
  • Sponsored the Carp Derby for rough fish removal
  • Supported LRC Manager position and supported LRC restoration efforts
  • Promoted lake businesses and membership with LIA member discount card
  • Provided a central information hub via and public relations via email news alerts, press releases, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Provided volunteer support to the Ohio Environmental Council and the NRCS State Technical Committee to further the lake's improvement
  • Promoted lake events
  • Sponsored Lakefest water skiers

What is the Lake Improvement Association?
The Lake Improvement Association, or LIA, is a group of men and women, workers and business owners, teachers, veterans, farmers, and others of all ages and walks of life who have joined together to advance a common goal:  improve Grand Lake St. Marys.  

Your neighbors and friends in the Lake Improvement Association recognize that Grand Lake St. Marys is a unique and major asset to the region.  It is a wildlife habitat for thousands of species of plant and animal life.  It is a recreational hub where locals and visitors alike can unload, unwind, and relax – or embark on adventure on her water and shores.  It is an economic booster, fueling hundreds of jobs and feeding millions of dollars to the local economy every year.  

What does the Lake Improvement Association do?
The Lake Improvement Association funds and operates specific initiatives to improve Grand Lake St. Marys.  Often, the LIA merges fun and fundraising with popular events such as the Bar Stool Open, the LIA Golf Outing and the LIA Beach Party – all of which benefit the people who enjoy and depend on Grand Lake St. Marys.  The LIA also promotes area businesses by issuing discount membership cards that allow LIA members to take advantage of great deals offered by lake-area restaurants and other establishments.

The LIA also lends manpower and funds to further specific Grand Lake St. Mary initiatives and provides a central online resource for Grand Lake St. Marys news and education on its website, located at

Grand Lake St. Marys Supports Life and Livelihood
The health of Grand Lake St. Marys has a direct and real effect on you and your family.  A clean, healthy Grand Lake St. Marys provides recreational opportunities that improve quality of living:  from swimming and boating to bird watching and hunting, they're all fostered by an improved Grand Lake St. Marys.  

Economically, a restored Grand Lake St. Marys attracts visitors who feed the local economy with their purchases.  It also presents business opportunities and attracts businesses and outside investors, creating jobs.  Even non-lake-related initiatives are bolstered by a lake-inspired economy, because a better economy presents more opportunities and enhances public perception for the entire area.

A better Grand Lake St. Marys, in short, means a better life for you and your children.  

How Can I Help?
The best part is it's fun and easy to help.  Your level of involvement in the LIA is totally up to you.  You can become a member for just $15 – and do nothing else.  Or, you can attend meetings, come up with lake initiatives of your own, or join existing initiatives and pitch in to help save Grand Lake St. Marys.  Or, you can simply attend LIA fundraisers and have a great time supporting a great cause.  

Joining the LIA does not burden you with more work; it empowers you to do something positive that will help provide a fruitful future for you and your family.  Go to to become a member today.