The Lake Improvement Association has released its goals for 2012 as part of the ongoing effort to restore Grand Lake St. Marys.

2012 LIA Goals

1.Support the Lake Restoration Commission

Continue to support LIA board members that are active with the Lake Restoration Commission.

Publically support the LRC through continued financial assistance, the LIA web-site and verbally at LIA meetings.

Support LRC fund raising activities; i.e., duck races, tip the waiter nights; etc.

Provide financial assistance for the LRC initiative to secure a relationship with a political consultant.

Report all pertinent LRC activities to the LIA membership through the web-site.

Support scientific research

2. Fund raising:
   Parrots of the Caribbean
   Bar Stool Open
   Golf outing
   Membership drive
3. Sponsor Kids Fishing derby

4. Support Lake Festival by sponsoring Ski Show

5. Continue Communication and Education through web site:

6. Develop Plan for improved beaches:

7. Promote LIA successes in the community:

8. Promote the lake to encourage recreational usage.