The Lake Improvement Association recently donated a new playground to Grand Lake St. Marys State Park. The playground adds free family fun to the Villa Nova shelter house area on the banks of Grand Lake St. Marys. 
The $11,000 playground was funded by the LIA plus $1,000 donations by Setex, Minster Bank and the St. Marys Community Foundation. LIA and Setex volunteers, along with GLSMSP employees, installed the playground in May. The new LIA Playground is open for public use.
“The LIA is thrilled to provide a new attraction to Grand Lake St. Marys, especially at one of the lake’s most scenic recreation areas. The playground fits perfectly with family gatherings in the Villa Nova area, which includes a shelter house, drinking fountain and modern restroom facilities,” said LIA Vice President Mark Piening. “We can’t thank Setex, Minster Bank, the St. Marys Community Foundation and all our volunteers enough for helping the LIA bring this project to fruition. The LIA is always seeking opportunities to improve Grand Lake St. Marys, and providing a great place for families to gather and children to play is just one way we’re able to contribute to the lake community.”
The LIA is seeking additional donations to add benches and a sign to the playground. To donate, contact 
PICTURED (above): St. Marys Community Foundation Executive Director Mike Makley, Minster Bank Manager Kathy Sampson Branch Manager, Southwest Park Manager Brian Miller, GLSM State Park Maintenance Manager Byron Frank, Lake Improvement Association President Tim Lovett, Grand Lake St. Marys State Park Manager John Lewis, LIA Vice President Mark Piening and LIA Trustee Brian Morris.
PICTURED (above): LIA President Tim Lovett, LIA Vice President Mark Piening, GLSM State Park Maintenance Manager Byron Frank, Setex volunteers Travis Ellis, Melissa Diehl, Meghen Fry, Jenny Epperson, Matt Craft, Jason Fullenkamp and Mark Chantthasit.