The results of the recent Lake Improvement Association Facebook Beach Party Ticket Giveaway have been announced. 

LIA Facebook fans were asked to submit stories of their favorite time on Grand Lake St. Marys.  The top three submissions, chosen by Facebook user votes (ties determined by LIA) each win two tickets to the Lake Improvement Association Beach Party, to be held February 18, 2012, at Romer's in Celina. 

The winning entrants are as follows:

First Place:  Seth Brigham

Seth Brigham"The most fun is every year in late March getting the boat ready, saying goodbye to our families, and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime: Hodag hunting. Nothing beats wading around the beaches… net in one hand, a snickers in the other (that's what it eats), attempting to validate the famous picture my great great grandfather took which is published each year in The Evening Leader, and hoping to become the biggest American hero ever to live! … Move over Martha Stewart!!!!"

Second Place:  Gena Bittner

Gena Bittner"I was probably 12 years old and I was in a rubber innertube floating from my best friends lake house on St. Rt 703 (Pam Adams) over to Anita Clendenen's lake house on Lake Acres Rd. I remember being about half way there when a school of tiny little shad minnows swam across my torso which was not only an indescribable sensation to feel but they also left silver sparkles on my skin that we now pay big bucks to have incorporated in our body lotions. Well… not quite the same but – the memory is very clear and makes me smile every time I think of it."

Third Place:  Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden"spending my entire summers there as a child, it was non stop fun. the greatest time ever was at Bayview when someone burnt a Cabin cruizer that had struck the rocks and was no longer useable. It was loaded with wood and cardboard, set ablaze, hot dogs were provided to the kids and live music provided for the adults. Fantastic beach party. What a great Childhood memory"

Congratulations to all winners and a big thank-you to all entrants.  Look forward for the next contest on Facebook from the Lake Improvement Association!