Quick Wash mobile unit

The Lake Improvement Association recently committed $2,600 to Ag Solutions to help fund a multi-phased pilot project to determine the efficacy and viability of the Quick Wash system in the reduction of phosphorus and ammonia in hog manure within Mercer County.

Developed by Renewable Nutrients using a USDA-patented process, Quick Wash seeks to eliminate the need for producers to transport or spread excess animal manure. Essentially, the system works by removing manure from storage areas, then separating it into water, manure solids, and phosphorus. The water and manure solids are nearly 100 percent phosphorus-free, and the phosphorus precipitates in the system to create a valuable calcium phosphate product that can be sold.

Other project partners in various capacities, from direct involvement to funding, include InNow, i-2-m, Fournier, Biowish, Cooper Farms, and the Mercer County commissioners.

Ag Solutions coordinator Theresa Dircksen said the pilot project is slated to run in late July or early August. She will be releasing a flyer to invite the public to view the pilot project in action at that time.


Quick Wash process

Theresa Dircksen discussed the project at a recent LIA member meeting: