The Lake Improvement Association seeks to build a replica oil derrick on Grand Lake St. Marys.  The oil derrick will be constructed on the site of the last operational oil derrick on the lake, which has deteriorated to the point where it is locally known as "the rock pile."  

The LIA will build a sea wall around the 30-foot tall oil derrick, which will be constructed of steel and feature a solar-powered light on top.  Boaters will be able to bring their boats close to the derrick to see a sign or plaque that details the history of oil on Grand Lake St. Marys and lists major project donors.  The LIA is seeking local donations to fund the project, which will honor the history of Grand Lake St. Marys as the site of the world's first offshore oil derrick.  All donations are appreciated and those over $10 are tax deductible.  The entire project will be completed for an estimated $300,000.  

The following photo depicts the oil derrick site as it stands today.  

This concept drawing depicts what the completed oil derrick will look like.

Click here for a printable oil derrick tax-deductible donation form.


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