Property owners with land in the Grand Lake or Wabash River watersheds can have their oawn or garden soil tested for a discounted fee of $5.

Cost sharing on the samples is the Lake Improvement Association, Grand Lake/Wabash Watershed Alliance and Helena Agronomic Center, Coldwater.

To purchase a coupon and instructions on how to do the sampling, go to the Mercer Soil and Water Conservation District Office, 22 W. Livingston St., Celina, or the Helena Agronomic Center, Burkettsville-St. Henry Road, south of Coldwater. Bags can be returned to the Helena facility or the conservation office.

Collecting a soil sample prior to applying lawn or garden fertilizer will determine the actual feteilizer needs. Proper lawn and garden fertilization techniques play an important role in preventing polluted surfacer unoff from entering nearby streams, Grand Lake and the Wabash River.


Fertilizers have a series of three numbers on the label. These numbers represent the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. When purchasing fertilizer look for the bag with a azero in the middle, designating no phosphorus.

For information on the program, call Watershed Coordinator Laura Walker at 419-586-3289; or go to