By  Joyce L. Alig, President, Mercer County Historical Society

“Marion Township:  Carthagena, Cassella, (Marysville), Chickasaw, Millport, St. Rosa, St. Sebastian, Maria Stein, St. John’s Station, Steineman Station, C. H. & D. Railroad, Emlen Institute, St. Charles Seminary, Maria Stein Convent & Gruenenwald Convent,” is the title of the Mercer County Historical Society’s newest book, for Passport to History Series, Book XXI.  This book will be back from the printer, late this summer.

This book is the eighth Township Book I have edited for the Historical Society.  The previous seven Township Books include Butler, Center, Franklin, Granville, Hopewell, Liberty, and Washington Townships.  People can use these Annotated Bibliographies for reference in Ohio History, for School Teachers and Students, for Centennial through Bicentennial Celebration plans, and/or for Historical and Genealogical Research.

Photo Caption:  What was the name of the C.H. & D. Railroad in 1881, when it arrived in Marion Township, Mercer County?

You citizens of Mercer County, and your friends and relatives across the United States are the reason I have been preparing these Books.  When I retired as Director of the Mercer County Historical Museum, The Riley Home in 2004, I had planned to spend time volunteering at the County Museum, to help the next Museum Director become acclimated to the position.  No Museum Director was hired to follow me.  However, since people knew me for my work with the Historical Society, people still called me at home, the same as they called me at the Museum, asking for historical research, or assistance with a historical project.  The Mercer County Historical Society elected me President of the Mercer County Historical Society, and asked me to help with the Museum, until a Museum Director is hired.

At the time in 2004, I thought that I had a brilliant idea to help people with their research, in that I would publish books for each of the County’s 14 Townships, as to how to do research about the Township, its Villages, Schools, Churches, Businesses, Civic Organizations, Sports, etc.  In that way, in the future, when people want research, they can use these books for reference, as to where to find the information they are seeking.  I have been writing weekly articles about local history for years, in response to questions.  I have 40 years of experience in serving the public with the Mercer County Historical Society.  The public has let me know about their interests in local history and I try to serve them in these requests.

For those interested in the C.H. & D. Railroad history, the Railroad in Mercer County was dated 1881-1923.  In 1881, when the Railroad arrived in Marion Township, it was owned by Toledo, Delphos & Burlington Railroad (T.D. & B.).  The next owner was the Toledo, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad (T.C. & St. L.)  In 1883, the Railroad was acquired by the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad, (C.H. & D.)  In 1923, the C.H. & D. Railroad discontinued operating in Mercer County, Ohio.  The Stations on this Railroad in Marion Township were located at Chickasaw, St. John’s Station, and Steineman Station.  For more information, see this new Marion Township Passport to History book.

Sundays, May 13 (Mother’s Day Memories) and June 24 (Mercer County Indian Relic Collectors Exhibit) are the dates of the next two Open Houses at the Mercer County Historical Museum, a block east of the Courthouse in Celina.  Visit the Museum and place your order for this Marion Township book, and it will be reserved for you when it is back from the printer, later this summer.  The first ten Mothers who visit the Museum on May 13th will receive a receipt for a free copy of this book.  Happy Mothers’ Day.

[The Mercer County Historical Society President Joyce Alig, may be contacted at 3054 Burk-St. Henry Road, Saint Henry, OH 45883,  or histalig@bright.net or 419-678-2614.]