Tyler Fairburn knows that the water quality of Grand Lake St. Marys must be improved.  The 14-year-old Northmont Middle School (Dayton) made that quite clear in a Letter to the Editor published in The Lima News.

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Fairburn writes:

"Business owners say people just aren’t coming to the lake like they used to and they are correct. No one wants to come to a place were they can be harmed."

He also addressed Grand Lake St. Marys’ role as a wildlife habitat and urged the entire community to take action:

"But let’s not forget about the wildlife. They are living in this disgusting environment every day but some of them die. So the health of Grand Lake is in our hands. This problem was created by local people and has to be fixed by local people but we need to get everyone in on the cleaning and restoration."

Read the full letter at the Lima News