Tim Lovett welcomed everyone to the board meeting.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report. Income: 27,743.65 Expenses: 23,186.45

Mark Piening updated the membership on the membership drive. Mark said we are close to finishing the membership drive for 2015. Mark said there has been a total of $20,401.29 brought in this year from the membership drive. He thanked everyone for donating.

Mark Piening spoke about Kickoff to Summer that was held on June 20th. Mark said the event included a 5k run, car show, kids activities, vendors, food, and beer sales. The event also featured 3 local bands and an art showing. The event profited a total of $3,543218. He gave a special thanks to Lizann Morris who organized the 5K run and the vendors for the event (over 650 runners) Grossed over 12k on just the color run. He also thanked ODNR especially Byron Frank for his role in shelter house renovations and assistance altogether with the event. Mark also gave a special thanks to tom rampe for being in charge of inflatables. Thanked Anna Katterhenry for the idea over 3 years ago for the idea bands on the beach.

Stan Wilker reported on the LIA golf Tournament which was held in July due to it being postponed for rain. Stan said the outing ended up hosting 6 teams. Stan thanked all the volunteers and Romers for catering the meal after the tournament. Stan said the golf outing made $1700. Stan also mentioned the fishing outing with kids at the lake September 9th.

Mark Piening took the podium to promote the upcoming Bar Stool Open to be held on August 8th. Mark said the event is offering t-shirts to buy. He said he has about 75 teams and said it takes over 55 people to run and is looking for volunteers. Tom Rampe noted that if you are interested in volunteering you get a free t shirt. There will be a training on how to judge the event.

Eugene C. Braig IV OSU Environment and Natural Resources Program Director, Aquatic Ecosystems Extension. Mr. Braig presented about harmful algal blooms. Cynobacteria or blue green algae is technically not algae at all. He talked about many different issues surrounding the blooms.

Milt Miller gave the LRC report. Milt said  that hes been getting questions about the treatment train, he noted that prairie creek 1 has been turned on and is doing well, hetalked about everal other wetlands he is working to purchase. He also talked about the hazardous sings at the lake he said he was accused of sugar coating conditions at the lake and noted that it takes some degree of common sense when using the lake and interpreting the signs and warnings. Milt also showed some photos of some lily pads that are returning to the lake around the Chickasaw Creek area. He then showed some photographs of some old post cards that were used to promote GLSM.

Brian Miller gave the Lake Update. He updated the membership on the splash pad installation. He said the construction fence is up for splash pad so work can begin soon. The park has also staked out a location for a new shelter house. Brian talked about some tree removal on East Bank Rd. he said the park will be planting additional 65 trees this fall. Mentioned websites to get algae info on the lake. He also noted on the following upcoming events: Governors Cup Regatta to be held on August 22nd-23rd, The Grand Lake Marathon held in September, noting that St. Rt. 127 will be closed pretty much all day.

Brian Miller updated the membership for Tom Grabow. Brian talked about the current locations of the dredges and their progress and future plans. He said there were a lot of hydraulic issues eary in the season which has made for a slower year than expected. Brian said Tom will take any scrap concrete for rip rap around the lake.

Dave Eyink drew the winner of the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 11:45am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris

LIA Secretary

Lake Improvement Association