LIA Membership Meeting

10:00 a.m. December 1, 2018 Celina Moose Lodge


Nick Rentz welcomed everyone to the members meeting and stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report. He said the big expense was the payment for the Stan Wilker Memorial Playground. The check book balance is $42,632.36 and the St. Marys Foundation has a balance of $12,225.00.

Nick Rentz updated the board on the status of the proposed ODA regulation change.  Nick said the LIA bus trip went well claiming the folks that went were able to share their point. Nick said the JCARR hearing in Columbus is at 1:30PM on December 10th. Nick discussed the 6 points members need to focus their arguments to. Nick said a bus trip can be organized if enough members are planning to go.

Election Committee: Jeff Vossler asked for a motion to accept the nominations of officers presented for 2019. Jeff received a motion and a second to accept them from the membership. Jeff asked the membership for a vote. Jeff received a unanimous AYE vote to accept the officers as slated for 2019.

Jeff Vossler then introduced the February Dance Event to be held February 23, 2019. Jeff said the Bishops will be back for this year’s event. Jeff said more information will be out soon and the event is posted on the website.

Nick Rentz gave the ODNR report for Dave Faler. Nick said the lake level is up .38” from last December. The state park is about to begin hazardous tree removal and winterization has begun around the park. Nick asked that everyone be vigilant while in the park due to the ongoing problems with vandalism.

Jeff Keller with Soil and Water gave a report. Jeff spoke about getting ready for the December 15th date claiming rain has been an obstacle but praised farmers for working within the rules to this point. Jeff talked about the CRP Program explaining its status.

Teresa Dirksen with Ag Solutions gave an update on projects she is working on. Teresa noted on potential projects and research to be funded by the grants received. She answered questions from the membership.

Dr. Steven Jacquemin with Wright State University gave a report on his efforts on water quality and status of the LRC for Kip Wright. He spoke about a rough fish/carp removal project he is working on. He also noted on several nutrient removal in each treatment trains. Dr. Jacquemin said next years big effort will be a dredging analysis slated for next summer. He then answered questions from the membership.

Nick Rentz then opened the floor for membership’s questions. Nick also noted the next meeting will be in February.  Jeff Vossler read the 50/50 winner.

Submitted by,

Eric Morris


Lake Improvement Association