LIA Membership Meeting

10:00 a.m. Feb. 4, 2017 Celina Moose Lodge


Board Members Present:

President Tim Lovett

Vice President Mark Piening

Sgt. At Arms Dave Eyink

Treasurer Ted Bertke

Secretary Eric Morris

Trustee Tom Rampe

Trustee Jeff Vossler

Trustee Stan Wilker

Trustee Brian Morris

Trustee Seth Brigham

Trustee Nick Rentz

Tim Lovett welcomed everyone to the members meeting and stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report. Ted said there is a checkbook balance of $36544.61. Ted said the major expense was a transfer of $8246.19 into the St. Marys Foundation.

Mark Piening updated the membership on the new website. He said the site is now up and running and came in more than $1000 under the $3000 budget. Mark said the new site has many options including member management which makes it easier for members to manage their membership accounts and get information. Mark noted the website is also mobile friendly.

Stan Wilker talked about the upcoming February dance to be held on February 25, 2017. He said Phil Dirt and the Dozers will be opened by Kaitlyn Schmidt from Coldwater. Stan said tickets are now on sale and to date he has sold 350 tickets so far. Stan thanked all the sponsors and businesses that donated door prizes.

Tim Lovett began a discussion with attendees about lake water level and draw down procedures. Tim said the plan is to gather the same group of people who met 3 years ago to rethink the procedures. Buzz Goodwin (Bayview Marina) stood to speak about the lake and his efforts to bring the community together to find a solution. Tim reiterated his plan to meet with lake officials including lake residents, business owners, county commissioners, and possibly new faces to come up with a new solution. Tim noted that the ultimate decision to change the policy is up to ODNR. Tim answered questions regarding lake level from attendees and reiterated that the original group will be meeting within a week to start conversations on how to proceed with changing the policy and procedures.

Jeff Kelle from Soil and Water: Jeff talked about the 2016 results from the Lawn and Garden Partnership. Jeff said it costs 5$ to test the soil in their garden to determine what type of fertilizer added in their gardens. Jeff outlined the process of the program and answered questions from the membership.  Jeff noted he completed 95 tests last year.

Jeff Marcum : U.S. Fresh Boaters Alliance: was present to speak about Jeff talked about what the USFBA is about. Essentially Jeff said their group was formed four years ago to increase boaters safety and assistance on Ohio Waterways. Jeff said members are required to take a safe boaters class, boat vessel safety check, and carry a VHF radio which allows them to connect with each other through a virtual radio network to provide assistance to distressed boaters. Jeff showed the membership the yellow flag that indicates at USFBA member in service on the lake. Jeff said on Grand Lake St. Marys you can call 911 and the dispatchers will get the call to an on call or in service USFBA member to get the assistance needed to the caller ASAP. Jeff noted on the 2016 stats and the 2017 plans including Feb 25 and 26 Boat Show at the fairgrounds. Jeff said they are holding a boaters safety class on March 11, 2017 in Celina.

David Faler gave the Lake Update. David talked about capitol improvements within the state park. He said he has 19 new full hookups at the camp ground making a total of 33 of which 27 are reservable the camp grounds also added a shower house, restrooms and the splash pad. David noted the renovation of the West Beach restroom, tree removal, washing and sealing docks at east/west/its-it areas. ODNR also installed 4 new duck blinds.  David noted The LIA’s Kickoff to Summer filled the camp grounds and the group installed a new seating area at Windy Point. David talked about the Grand Lake Rec Club who help with many projects but mainly gather logs around the lake, cut them up, and sit it out for free to anyone who wants fire wood.  David talked about his 2017 plans which include the renovation of the West Bank Restroom, finish trimming trees up, remove remaining ash trees.

Tim Lovett held a Q&A session for the membership.

Jeff Vossler drew the winner of the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 11:35am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris


Lake Improvement Association