LIA Membership Meeting

10:00 a.m. February 2, 2019 Celina Moose Lodge


Nick Rentz welcomed everyone to the members meeting and stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report.

Nick Rentz gave a presentation on all activities the LIA took part in for 2018. He gave examples of how the LIA met its goals throughout the year including improvement of the lake and its resources, being politically active, and helping spread the good news of the great year GLSM had. Nick then talked about 2019 goals including installation of the new Stan Wilker Memorial Playground at Windy Point, West Beach Project, being politically active and working with new state officials.

Nick Rentz gave a report on the proposed changes from ODA to the watershed. He outlined the issue and said he is waiting until the board reconvenes in February and will come in March with more information.

Jeff Vossler then introduced the February Dance Event to be held February 23, 2019. Jeff said the Bishops will be back for this year’s event. Jeff said tickets are still for sale and tables are still able to be reserved. Jeff noted that goers can also purchase $50 sponsorships and their name will go onto a mural made of lily pads at the dance. Information on all tickets is available on the LIA’s website.

David Faler gave the ODNR report. Dave said the lake level is up -.72” which is in line with previous years. Dave assumes the level will go up when ice melts and he adjust the level using the spillways at that time. Dave then talked about events for 2019 including Jan 10th 5K Hike and events on March 11th and Arpil 14th at Noble TWP house. Dave advised folks to be safe when ice fishing and snowmobiling. Dave then gave a report on the stats for the state parks camp grounds last year. Dave answered questions from members and finished his presentation.

Tom Rampe reported for the LRC. He began with the West Beach Project. He talked about the intricacies of the process and outlined their goals going forward. He noted on the permitting process and having to ensure historical items aren’t in place under the water.  Tom then spoke about treatment trains and wetlands and their effectiveness and future plans in our lake.

Matt Heckler with Ag Solutions gave an update on projects he is working on and outlined some challenges they’ve ran into. He noted on potential projects and research to be funded by the grants received. He answered questions from the membership.

Tom Grabow Soil and Water with Soil and Water gave a report. Tom said he is hoping the weather cooperates so they can begin work on the West Beach Project. Tom noted on other projects he is working but said they will be revealed at the March meeting when he has more information. He noted Coldwater Creek should be finished up. Tom answered questions from the membership and concluded his presentation.

Nick Rentz then opened the floor for membership’s questions.  Jeff Vossler read the 50/50 winner.

Submitted by,

Eric Morris


Lake Improvement Association