LIA Members Meeting

10 a.m. July, 6 2013


Celina Moose Lodge


Board Members Present: President Tim Lovett, Vice President Mark Piening, Sgt. of Arms Dave Eyink, Treasurers Ted and Diane Bertke, Secretary Eric Morris, Trustees Stan Wilker , Tom Rampe, Seth Brigham , Brian Morris,  Jeff  Vossler  and Dave Meyer.

Tim Lovett welcomed everyone and led the pledge of allegiance. Tim also thanked all of the veterans for their service to our country.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report:

Beginning of May   $56,813.53


Income                     $4,626.55


Expenses                  $10,360.00


May 1 Balance        $51,079.00



Stan Wilker spoke about the LIA Golf Tournament that was held at 1pm on June 15th. He said that the event will be held on the corresponding date next year. Mark Piening thanked everyone who sponsored and worked at the event.

Mark  Piening spoke about the Bar Stool Open that is to be held August 10th. He said that he needs around 50 to 55 volunteers for the event. He pointed out the Judge sign up board that was present at the meeting. He said that members can sign up as soon as they would like.

Stan Wilker spoke about a new Co-ed Flag Football Tournament that is to be held on September 14, 2013 at KC Gieger Park in St. Marys. He said that Buffalo Wild Wings is going to host an after party later that night for the participants of the tournament. He said that the entry fee is $100.00 per team with a maximum of 10 players per team. The tournament will be 7 on 7 with at least two games guaranteed to each team. There will also be football contests and concessions at the park during the tournament.

Seth Brigham spoke about the new Zombie Walk event that is to be held on the East Bank in the 2nd shelter house on October 26, 2013. He said that there will be a screening of the Ohio State vs Penn State game at 8pm that night. He also said that there will be beverages and food at the event. He said that entry for the event is $10.00 per adult. He mentioned that there will be trivia, a 50/50 drawing and door prizes.

Mark Piening offered a report on the Membership Drive.  He explained that the new membership cards should be in the mail by the end of next week.

Dave Myer spoke about the kids fishing derby that will be held soon. The Lake Recreation Club (formally known as Snow Dreamers club) bought the new rock wall and lights that are around the lake. He said that they are holding a gun raffle in October to help them bring more money to their club.

Jesse Parete President of the North Point Condo Association gave a report on the Linear Aeration system that was installed at the St. MARYS Boat Club. He said that the marina which is located next to the boat club has always been in bad condition as far as water quality. He said that since the aeration system was installed the water quality has been getting much better. He noted that for the first time in 3 years he is able to see down 6 inches. He said that the fish in the marina are coming back in numbers. He said that he is optimistic with the progress of the marina to this point. He thanked the LIA for their contributions.

Will Gilleo with the Celina Eagles talked about some events that are going on at the Eagles. He said that the Eagles are sponsoring the return of the Crappie USA tournament to the lake. He said that the event will include the fishing derby, a kids rodeo, entertainment and dining.

Milt Miller with the LRC gave an update. Milt said Senator Faber inserted funding into the Ohio budget for a treatment train that will go into Coldwater Creek. He also said Senator Faber put an additional $900,000.00 in the budget for an additional dredge for the lake. He mentioned that he is happy with the amount of people he has seen out on the lake.

Brian Miller State Park Manager gave the Lake Update. He said that the camp grounds are doing well this week due to the 4th of July weekend. He also said that campers are starting to bring their boats with them when they come to camp. He mentioned that everyone needs to make sure that they pay their dock fees for the year. He also said that all the dredges are running and pumping material through. He said that due to weather and mechanical issues the dredges are down a little from where they want to be, however, he believes that the dredges will catch up. He also mentioned that fireworks will be held tonight at Freedom Days Festival in Celina. Brian answered questions from some members who attended the meeting.

Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions and comments.

Dave Eyink LIA Board Member  had a member draw the winner of the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 10:49am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris

LIA Secretary