LIA Executive Board Meeting

10:00 a.m. June 4, 2016

Celina Moose Lodge


Tim Lovett welcomed everyone to the members meeting and stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report. Ted said there was a net income of $12,467, primarily from memberships and donations. Ted said the check book balance is $47857.00 in the LIA account for May.

Mark Piening spoke about the 2016 Membership Drive that started in April and lasted until May 15. Mark said he will have a full report on the membership drive in July.

Mark Piening also introduced the 2nd Annual Kickoff to Summer and 5K Color Run events to be held on June 18th on the East Bank in St. Marys. Mark said the event will feature live entertainment, food and other vendors, kids activities, cornhole and beer pong tournaments and a car cruise in. Mark said The Lakefest Committee will be hosting the burger stand and beer will be sold all to kickoff the summer at Grand Lake St. Marys. He also spoke about the Color Run which runs in conjunction with the Kickoff event and said registration is now live online.

Mark Piening Spoke about the Bar Stool Open for 2016. Mark said The LIA is still looking for a committee chairperson to run the event. Mark said he is hoping he will find a chairperson in the following week.

Stan Wilker spoke about the “Goosinator”. Which is a bucket with a flashing yellow light on it and its purpose is to chase off geese. He said the “Goosinator” is going to be used at Windy Point in an attempt to thwart geese from nesting there. He said the effort will last until August to see if it works.

Stan Wilker spoke about the Ride for Life. Stan said while the event is not affiliated with The LIA however the Ride for Life is a great fund raiser for a great cause. Stan said there are tickets being sold for a 2016 Harley Davidson first prize and $1000 second place prize. Stan said the event culminates at the Celina Eagles.

Milt Miller talked about Prairie Creek Treatment Train. He showed photos of the progress of the wetland project. He also gave an update on Coldwater Creek. He noted that June 10th he is planning on testing the pumps and if they are working properly and he plans to turn them on permanently. He also spoke about WaterAs which is a company performing tests in conjunction with The City of Celina and LRC at The Celina Water Treatment Plant. He said the tests are to determine if a different process would help in removing nutrients from the water.

Tom Grabow updated the membership on his dredging efforts. He said the crews have been working 12 hours days. He updated on the specific dredging sites and his plans for future sites.

Brian Miller gave the Lake Update. Brian said lake level is at spillway level. Brian said he is hoping for rain to raise the water level. He said the splash pad, new restroom, shower house, and laundry room are all open and in use. Brian noted that Memorial Day Weekend was a success with a full campground and busy lake. Brian noted that a boat ramp at Windy Point structure was replaced due to the metal I beams rotting out. Brian said fishing is great on the lake. Brian also talked about the improvements taking place at Windy Point. He said the bench and picnic tables installed at Windy Point was a great addition. Ed Jeffries noted that a kids fishing tournament that had previously been at GLSM and moved to a pond in Celina has been moved back to the lake.

Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions. Tim Lovett, Brian Miller, and Milt Miller answered questions about water levels, research, and the carp project. Tim asked the membership to forgo the July Membership Meeting as it is on the July 4th Weekend.

Jeff Vossler drew the winner of the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 10:55am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris



Lake Improvement Association