Lake Improvement Association

Members meeting

June 4, 2022

President Keith Westrick began the meeting with the pledge of allegiance. He then gave a brief synopsis of the meeting.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurer’s report. He said there is $58,432.53 in the bank and $21,896.94 in the St Marys Foundation.

Keith Westrick said the LIA is helping to buy 14 new benches for around the lake. The LIA is also looking for a possible playground to install. He asked anyone with project ideas to come forth. Keith then noted on the recent farm tour that Theresa Dirksen organized.

Dr. Jacquemin with Wright State then gave a presentation about water quality. Dr. Jacquemin talked about the two spikes in micro toxins that typically hit the lake. He said we are currently going through one spike and the other should come in the late fall. He said that a lot of the lake’s success is a result of the conservation efforts around the lake. On that note, he said all the wetlands are up and running. He gave specific updates on some of these creeks and wetlands. He then answered questions from the membership.

Dave Faler gave the state park/ODNR report. Dave said the splash pad and pool are on. The splash pad is 24/7 and the pool is closed two days during the week. He said the holiday throughout the summer is booked at the campground. Dave said there is new kayak infrastructure at the second beach. Dave said the toxic algae signs are up but hopefully if the results come in as expected, the signs will come down on Wednesday the 8th. Dave then answered questions from the membership.

Tom Grabow gave the dredge report. Tom talked about mitigation options for silt for the lake. Tom said the lake depth was a result of being designed for the canals. Tom explained silt traps that were developed by his crew in recent years. He noted the challenges with building islands and the difficulty in finding areas to satisfy government laws. Tom said the best way to mitigate the issues is how he is currently doing it and asked the membership for leased property to build DMRAs. He then answered questions from the membership.

Keith Westrick noted several upcoming events: The plants for channel planting that are given out at the end of today’s meeting and the LIA Scavenger Hunt to be held June 18th. Keith then held the 50/50 drawing and concluded the meeting.