LIA Membership Meeting

10:00 a.m. May 4, 2019 Celina Moose Lodge


Nick Rentz welcomed everyone to the members meeting and stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report. Ted said there is around $35,000.00 in the bank with an additional $9,200.00 in the St. Marys Foundation. Ted mentioned sponsoring the Crappie-thon and a safety event at the YMCA and said membership moneys are beginning to come in.

Nick Rentz talked about the recent flooding in the area. Nick gave the floor to Dave Faler to follow up with the rainfall and flooding as well as give the ODNR report.

David Faler gave the ODNR report. David said rainfall for the year is at 9.91”, which is much higher than previous seasons which caused flooding throughout the area. He thanked the Grand Lake Rec Club and the LIA for their help on Lake Cleanup Day held on April 20th. Dave talked about boat safety and asked that people check their boats for required equipment. Dave said the camp store is now open and a drain had recently been replaced. Dave noted on the West Beach Project for Tom Grabow. He said sand is being delivered to replace the almost 30,000 cubic yards of material dredged out of the area.

Nick Rentz gave an update on the meet and greet at the Reagan Day Celebration held on April 9th. Nick said the event went well and felt it was important to have finally met the Director of Agriculture.

Jeff Vossler gave a report for the Summer Kickoff to be held on June 22, 2019. Jeff said the event features a 5K fun run and a festival afterwards which includes corn hole and beer pong tournaments. Bands that will be featured at the event will Lauren Jean Shroeder and Scott Rosenbeck, Fleetwood to the Max, Exploit, Freerider, and One Eyed Show to complete the theme of Bringing Back Local Legends”. Wendle Mobley may also make an appearance on the day of the event to make for a great day on the East Bank.

Nick Rentz talked about 2019 Membership Drive. Nick noted memberships are in great standing and asked for members to renew for the coming year. Nick mentioned a snafu with members who had sent in their renewals getting reminders to join. Nick said if you have already renewed to disregard the renewal notice.

Kip Wright with the LRC gave an update on their recent meeting. Kip noted on his predecessor Tom Knapke’s great work and talked about LRC plans going forward. Tom then answered questions from the membership.

Arial Hine spoke briefly for Soil and Water. She talked about a local coloring contest for Stewardship Week at local schools where the winners are put on placemats and distributed to local restaurants. She also asked the membership to fill out a priority survey.

Dr. Steven Jacquemin with Wright State University spoke about the recent flooding. He said due the flooding, extraordinarily high levels of nitrogen and nutrients have flowed into lake tributaries and will end up in the lake. Once the data is in, he plans to report on it for next month’s meeting. Dr. Jacquemin then reported on the treatment trains which were turned on this past month, he said they are working at above 75% efficiency to date and noted that every gallon counts. He looks forward to receiving funds from the new state budget which will be used in the watershed and around grand lake. He and Nick then answered questions regarding the wetlands from the membership.

Nick Rentz invited folks to the boat show event at The Boathouse on St. Rt. 127. He then announced the LIA had recently won the Outstanding Organization of the Year, thanking the board and membership for making up such a great organization. He then opened the floor for questions.  Jeff Vossler read the 50/50 winner.

The membership meeting concluded.

Submitted by,

Eric Morris


Lake Improvement Association