LIA Members Meeting

10 a.m. February 1, 2014


Celina Moose Lodge

Board Members Present: President Tim Lovett, Vice President Mark Piening, Treasurer Ted Bertke, Sgt of Arms Dave Eyink, Trustees Tom Rampe and Stan Wilker. Absent were: Secretary Eric Morris, Trustees: Brian Morris, Jeff Vossler and Seth Brigham due to prior obligations.

Tim Lovett welcomed everyone and led the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report:

Beginning of October $26091.14

Income                        $615

Expenses                   $1994.55

November 1 Balance         $ 4711.59

Stan Wilker spoke about the upcoming event Luau on the Lake to be held on February 15th 2014. Stan said that the Villas at Romers will be available for $75 a night. He said that the band Top Shelf will be the headliner at the event. Doors open at ^pm. He noted that the event will be geared towards Valentine’s Day since it is being held on that weekend. He said that tickets prices are lowered this year at $15 single and $25 for a couple. He also said that corporate tables are available for $500. Stan also said that there will be deals including chocolate and Champaign.

Mark Piening offered a report on several items. First item being LIA 2013 Achievements One major accomplishment was the governor’s cup Regatta, LIA gave a one-time donation of 20k to help the event take place. The LIA also finished up the Windy Point Beach project, it was a 2 year project, there is now another 250 feet of beach and a boater’s beach along with other improvements. The LIA plans to continue with the Channel Aeration projects in 2014. The LIA supported the LRC financially and physically, two years ago LIA made a three year commitment to help with $5k each year to help with their efforts. Mark also talked about the 2014 committee chair persons listed as follows:

  • Events and Fundraising- Mark Piening
  • Memberships- Dave Eyink
  • Political Advocacy- Tim Lovett,
  • Communication- Brian Morris
  • Research and Development- Tom Rampe

Mark explained the action plan for 2014 he said that the major goals are to work with GLSM Park manager to make needed improvements to the lake, objectives of that are to develop and implement plan to improve beaches. Mark talked about the splash pad development and said that more details will come later in the year. He said that the LIA would like to update signs and inlets around the lake. He also noted that another goal is to grow memberships and said that there will be a membership card again this year.

Mark also reported on the Web Stats for 2013. Mark pointed out that in 2013 the website had 25k visits, and out of those there was 67k page views. The average time (per visit) is about 2 ½ minutes. Mark noted that the all-time number of visits is almost 132K page views. He said that there are around 1000 subscribers to the newsletter and said The LIA sent out about 100 last year. Mark reported stats for social media websites like Facebook and twitter as well.

Brian Miller Gave the lake report. He said that the lake level this morning was 6.7 inches below average. He mentioned that he would like to maintain the lake level at 9 inches below the spillway. He talked about managing gates to control runoff and try to keep lake levels down. Brian said that there will be discounts again this year. The discounts are: 25% off camping, and private and state docks. Brian also spoke about the inaugural Grand lake Marathon to be held on Sept 27, he said that there is about 380 people signed up so far. The marathon will start at Lake Shore Dr. in Celina and run around the lake. Offering a 10k, 5k, and a kid’s marathon. He also mentioned other events: Lake Cleanup Day, Get the carp outta here tournament, Celina freedom days, Celina lake festival, Governor’s Cup Regatta.

Brian talked about some other renovations and improvements such as: looking to put electric in campsites at campground, put in sewer and water, planting trees, east bank shelter renovations. He noted that he is still waiting to hear on a possible grant for west bank road. He said that he should hear about grant in May. If approved there will be total reconstruction on West Bank rd. after Labor Day.

Brian mentioned that the Celina Rotary Club will be purchasing an aeration system to be put in at Pullman Bay.

Tom Grabo: Recapped last year, he said that soil and water pumped 302, 226 towards their 300k goal. Brutus pumped 157K cubic yds last year. He also mentioned the new dredge that is coming should be here in June. Tom said that the crew is performing maintenance on dredges, setting up different barges. He said that he plans to reclaim Rustic Haven to be able to support South moor Shores. He also noted that in the 2ndweek of April he will start removing stumps from lake.

Terry Mescher gave the Soil and Water update. He talked about senate bill 150. Driven by Lake Erie, The Statehouse started looking at commercial fertilizer. He said it will create a Certification program for people that are going to apply to more than 50 contiguous acres. So far it has passed through the Ohio senate, and is to go to the Ohio House of Representatives and if approved it will go to the governor’s desk for approval. Terry also Introduced Abby Toby, new watershed coordinator who has been on the job since September.

Tim Lovett: Gave a few updates for Milt Miller. Tim said that the Prairie Creek treatment train is to be expanded. Coldwater Creek is the next project and it will be supported with a $2.1 million grant for the treatment train. He said that Milt will be applying for grant to purchase another 40 acres at Coldwater creek.

Tim Lovett drew the 50/50. Donated 11.50 back

Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions and comments.

The Members Meeting concluded at 10:59am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris

LIA Secretary