LIA Members Meeting

10 a.m. June, 1 2013


Celina Moose Lodge


Board Members Present: President Tim Lovett, Vice President Mark Pienning, Sgt. of Arms Dave Eyink, Treasurers Ted and Diane Bertke, Secretary Eric Morris, Trustees Stan Wilker, , Tom Rampe, Seth Brigham  and Brian Morris. Absent were Trustees  Jeff  Vossler  and Dave Meyer due to a prior obligations.

Tim Lovett welcomed everyone and led the pledge of allegiance. Tim also thanked all of the veterans for their service to our country.

Tim Lovett welcomed the new Trustee Seth Brigham to the board.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report:

Beginning of May $54902.64



Income                    $5643.03




Expenses                 $2932.24




May 1 Balance        $57613.43




Stan Wilker spoke about the LIA Golf Tournament that is to be held at 1pm on June 15th. He said that the registration cutoff date is June 10th. He said that the LIA is still looking for hole sponsors.

Mark  Piening spoke about the Bar Stool Open that is to be held August 10th. He said that he needs around 50 volunteers for the event. He also spoke about the T-shirt contest that will be held at the event. He noted that the LIA reduced the amount of registration from $100.00 to $80.00 since T-shirts will not be provided to the participants this year.

Mark Piening offered a report on the Membership Drive.  He explained that due to the systems being new and under construction there have been a few issues with membership renewal. He said that the bugs will be worked out and next year it should be running efficiently.  He noted that the LIA has a 40% increase in financial contributions via new memberships, membership renewals, AND donations.

Mark Piening reported about the progress at Windy Point. He said that within a few weeks the project will hopefully be finished with phase two and phase 3 being finished as phase one is.

Tim Lovett reported that Mercer Savings Bank donated $125.00 to the LIA as part of their current 125th anniversary donation program going on. He updated the members about the aeration program and the progress of the program. Tim spoke about the Tree Program and how people can donate to the program.

Donna Grube CVB Director talked about the annual “Get the Carp Outta Here” Tournament. She said that there were 159 participants this year. She said that last year participants took 12,000 pounds of carp out of the lake and this year they took 15,000 pounds out in 44 hours. She also noted that of the 23 “tagged” carp are still up for grabs in the lake. She said that if you catch a tagged carp, bring the tag to the Outdoorsman by July 4th and you will receive $50.00.

Milt Miller with the LRC gave an update. He started with the newly installed Solar Bees in the lake. He said that they are currently testing them in two places in the lake. There are four located at Celina Water Treatment plant and two are located at the West Beach in St. Marys. He spoke of the success that the aerator located at the St. Marys Boat club has had. He noted that he hopes that the other locations using the process have the same success. Milt then spoke about the clean water that is leaving the wetlands that has turned clear with no alum as a result of efforts to clean the lake. This shows that The Prairie Creek Project is working. Mile spoke about perch stocking in the lake. He said that the state has brought in 108,000 fingerlings to the lake. He also spoke of the Lake Facilities Authority and potential funding from the state. Milt talked about the program that WHIO put on regarding the lake. He said that he has received a copy of the program and that he plans to out it on the website for anyone who missed it.

Tom Grabel spoke about the dredging operations in the lake. He said that the dredge “Brutus” that was out of order is now fixed. He said that to this point in May there has been 61,000 cubic yards dredged from the lake.

Brian Miller State Park Manager gave the Lake Update. The lake level is about 4 inches above pool right now. He said that the State Park had a busy and successful Memorial Day weekend. They are still offering a discount on campsites on non holiday weekends and other discounts throughout the year. He added that people need to get their dock fees submitted. He said that they have just received equipment to grind all the stumps around the lake. He spoke about the newly opened dog park on the East Bank. He said that it is possible to use the courtesy docks by the park to dock your boat and bring your dog to the park. He said that the lake was posted with a public recreational advisory which was expected.

Terry Mescher with The Ohio Division of Soil and Water was present  and gave updates on the soil and water. He spoke about stream channel restoration. He said that some people are volunteering their land for testing to see what works best.

Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions and comments.

Dave Eyink LIA Board Member  had a member draw the winner of the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 11:00am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris

LIA Secretary