LIA Members Meeting

10 a.m. May 3rd, 2014


Celina Moose Lodge

Board Members Present: President Tim Lovett, Vice President Mark Piening, and Sgt of Arms Dave Eyink, Treasurer Ted Bertke, Secretary Eric Morris Trustees: Tom Rampe, Brian Morris, Seth Brigham and Stan Wilker. Absent were: Trustees: Jeff Vossler due to prior obligations.

Tim Lovett welcomed everyone and led the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report:

April 30 Balance                $ 42,057.60

Mark Piening reported on the Annual Golf Outing that is to be held on June 14th at Northmoor Golf Club. Mark said that it is $45 per person. Mark said that Jason Romer of Romers catering is donating all of the food for the event. Mark Thanked Jason for all his help with the event so far. Mark said that he is still looking for hole sponsors.

Mark Piening offered a report on the 2014 Membership Renewal for 2014.Mark mentioned that of all the renewals received to date 75% have donated extra with their member dues. He also asked members to go out and find new members. Mark Piening said that the LIA Discount Cards will be out soon for the folks that renew before May 15th. Mark mentioned that the board has decided that everyone that renews before May 15th will be put into a drawing for a Kindle Fire.

Dave Eyink also reported on the Grand Lake Aeration Project that the LIA is offering again this year. Dave said that the LIA offers a cost share program to assist people with 20% up to $500 of the cost to their aeration project. He said that if you are interested in taking advantage of the program this year to get ahold of the LIA.

Joe Lochtefeld with Diversified Pond Systems Joe had a power point that helped explain the fundamentals of aeration. Joe pointed out that aeration helps get oxygen to the bottom of the lake which helps the bottom life thrive and eat the muck. Joe said that “bottom defused aeration” is the most effective way to aerate the water. He said that if you have a long channel rather than a pond it is better to use a linear system because it will span the distance of the pond. Joe answered questions from members before closing his presentation.

Donna Grube with the CVB talked about the annual “Get the Carp Outta Here” Tournament that is May 16, 17, 18th. She spoke about getting as many people out to the tournament as possible. She said that If you pull one of the tagged carp out of the lake you will win $100 automatically and if you pull one of the 40 carp that were tagged last year you will win $50. Donna said that if you go to the website “Summer Spotlight” you can find all the events and entertainment around the lake this summer. Donna also wanted to congratulate President Tim Lovett on winning the Ambassadors Award.

Paul Joseph US Freshwater Boaters Alliance Paul said the USFBA are a new group first of its kind. He said that USFBA is basically the “neighborhood watch” for the lake. He said that they are a group of volunteers that partner with the Coast Guard Auxiliary that is able to assist boaters in need of help. He showed a yellow flag that every person in the alliance will have that identifies their boats. They also have radio communications to reach the proper assistance. He said that there are currently 7 boats (volunteers) on the lake. Paul asked folks to join the group and be a part of their operation.

Brian Miller Gave the lake report. Brian said lake level is 8 inches above pool. Brian mentioned that the tournament that is going on currently is going well. Brian talked about the 88 Million dollars in funds that are going to Ohio State Parks. Brian said that Grand Lake State Park is getting a Splash Pad and new shower houses with part of the funds. He mentioned that you can go to and see specific plans for the funds. Brian talked about the Lake Cleanup Day that was April 26th. He said that attendance was down a little from previous years but they did clean out a lot of trash and stumps out of the lake. He also mentioned that the state park put 14 new concrete pads for campers at the lake. Brian then gave some extra information about the Governor’s Cup Regatta and the Grand Lake Marathon. Brian also updated the membership for Tom Grabo. He said that Brutus is out and running and that the new dredge “Hoedag” is on schedule.

Terry Mescher with Soil and Water: Terry had a quick update. Terry said that he is expecting a lot of field work beginning in the next couple weeks due to weather not cooperating. He said that OSU has some students coming to the lake for an environmental tour of the lake.

Tim Lovett Opened the floor for Q/A.

Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions and comments.

Ted Bertke drew the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 11:07am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris

LIA Secretary