LIA Members Meeting

10 a.m. November 2, 2013


Celina Moose Lodge

Board Members Present: President Tim Lovett, Vice President Mark Piening, Sgt. Of Arms Dave Eyink, Treasurer Ted Bertke, Secretary Eric Morris, Trustees Tom Rampe, Seth Brigham , Jeff Vossler & Stan Wilker. Absent were: Trustee Brian Morris due to prior obligations.

Tim Lovett welcomed everyone and led the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report:

Beginning of October             $29805.05

Income                                      $1517.21

Expenses                                   $5965.62

November 1 Balance              $25409.64

Eric Morris offered a report on Zombie Fest that was held on the East Bank in the 2nd shelter house on October 26, 2013. Eric said that the participants of first time event endured the weather. Eric said that preliminary numbers indicate that over 100 people attended the event with around 50 people participating in the zombie walk. He said that he has heard a lot of good comments following the event and said that it is something to look at for next year and that the hope is to continue hosting the event.

Jeff Vossler informed the members of the upcoming elections that are to be held in December. Jeff gave a synopsis of all the positions that are up for elections this year, and announced that the following individuals had agreed to run again for their positions: President – Tim Lovett, Vice President – Mark Piening, Sgt. Of Arms – Dave Eyink, Treasurer – Ted Bertke, Secretary – Eric Morris, Trustees Tom Rampe, Brian Morris, & Stan Wilker.  Jeff noted there is a Trustee position which does not have a candidate at this time.  Jeff asked the members for nominations and explained the process of nominating. Jeff said that nominations needed to be in by the end of the meeting because nominations will close at that time.

Tim Lovett followed up with the members on the resignation of Dave Meyer. Tim explained that the LIA is looking to fill some big shoes left by Mr. Meyer. Tim thanked Dave and touched on all of the things that Dave did for the board and held a round of applause for Dave.

Tim Lovett announced the WOEF Scholarship Winner. Tim presented the scholarship to Chad Mason. Chad Mason accepted the scholarship and spoke about his plans to continue attending Wright State Lake Campus and obtain his degree in paleontology.

Tim Lovett Presented the LRC report for Milt Miller. Tim said that the Prairie Creek Treatment Train will be been shut down for the winter soon. Tim also spoke about the Lake Facilities Authority  which has started the process of forming the group to help with the lake by holding their first meeting with the county commissioners.

Tom Grabow Spoke about dredging. Tom said that dredging has been great so far. He briefed the members about the various dredges around the lake. Tom said that the goal for 2013 was to dredge 300,000 cubic yards of material and as of now they have removed 288,617. Tom said that he will reach the goal by the end of the season and the plan is to stop dredging about November 18. Tom said that with the addition of the new dredge he will be looking for places to locate the material from the dredge.

Terry Mescher and Francies Springer gave the Soil and Water update. Francies gave a presentation to the members. She explained the restrictions for the farmers and gave guidelines for them to follow. Francies also reminded members who see violations to call her office so it can be investigated. Terry Mescher spoke about finding a better more economical and efficient way of transporting manure out of the area, he said that to date they still have not been able to find a better solution than the current method of shipping it out by truck and relocating it in other areas of the country.

Tim Lovett announced the Guardian of the Lake Award winner. Tim presented LIA Trustee Stan Wilker the award and thanked him for all of his hard work. Tim recognized all of Stan’s efforts and said that Stan is the first person willing to get his hands dirty and work hard to accomplish the job at hand. Stan then thanked the membership and the board and said that it is a collaborative effort from everyone.

Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions and comments.

Jeff Vossler asked the membership for any nominations for the positions that are up this election. No nominations were made by the membership. Jeff said that with no other nominations that nominations for this year’s election are closed and announced the candidates.

The Members Meeting concluded at 10:45am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris

LIA Secretary