Lake Improvement Association

Membership Meeting

November 6, 2021

Keith Westrick began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tom Rampe held nominations for the 2022 LIA board. Nominations closed at the conclusions of the meeting.

Dr. Jacquemin with Wright State University had a presentation, his presentation can be found on the LIA website.

An ODNR Wildlife Officer was present to talk about updates for the lake area. The officer said a survey was done to count crappies in the lake. He said there are plenty of good length crappie in the lake. The officer said duck season starts again on November 13th and he has seen a below average participation so far.

Dave Faler with ODNR updated the membership. He said lake level is at +6” which is up from last month. There has been 35” of rainfall for the year so far, which is lower than average. Dave said there were 22 full camping weekends this year. Dave gave updates for various projects around the lake.

Keith Westrick said $610 was donated by the Boardwalk Grill for a seafood boil event. Keith thanked them for the donation.

Tom Rampe returned to the podium to accept any new nominations, there were none and the nominations were closed.

The meeting was concluded.