LIA Membership Meeting

10:00 a.m. October 6, 2018 Celina Moose Lodge


Nick Rentz welcomed everyone to the members meeting and stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Nick Rentz then spoke about the passing of Tom Knapke. Nick praised Tom for his efforts and legacy. Nick then spoke about the proposed ODA watershed changes. Nick expressed the LIA’s disapproval of the action and answered questions from members regarding the issue.

Nick Rentz then introduced an event the LIA is helping Brew Nation. Nick said the event is a Chili Cookoff to be help at their location.

Nick Rentz introduced Brad Fisher with the GLRC who spoke about the new safety equipment the LIA helped support. Brad listed the purchased equipment for each responding department.

Nick Rentz thanked the Paul Cullers Family who sent a donation to the LIA.

Brian Morris talked about the new Stan Wilker Memorial Playground to be placed at Windy Point. Brian showed the membership the proposed location and model of playground. Brian showed pictures of the proposed playground and answered questions.

Tom Rampe discussed the goose population issues. Tom said the recently conducted study of the 2000 geese on GLSM is posted on the LIA website for the publics viewing. Tom gave the highlights from the study to the membership and answered questions from the membership.

Jeff Vossler spoke about the Kids Fishing Derby held on September 12th. Jeff said the derby brought 167 kids with a lot of volunteers, teachers, and parents who came out to enjoy the event. Jeff thanked everyone for their contributions for the event.

Election Committee: Jeff Vossler explained each officer’s duties and informed the membership that election nominations will close at the end of the November meeting.  Once they are closed an election will take place and the 2018 year officers and board members will be elected at the December meeting. Jeff also read the bylaws and election procedures. Jeff read off the positions available.

Dave Faler (ODNR) gave the lake update. Dave said lake level is at +2.92” and rain for the year is 30.2”. Dave spoke about goose and vulture removal. He gave options and answered questions about how to harass the birds off of certain areas they aren’t welcome. Dave also gave Tom Grabow’s dredge report. Dave said there are 6 weeks left in the dredging season and gave the location of each dredge. Dave said the material dredged total is just shy of 300,000 cubic yards.

Nick Rentz updated membership for Teresa Dirksen with Ag Solutions gave an update on projects she is working on. Teresa said she has received over $700,000 so far this year. NIck noted on potential projects and research to be funded by the grants received. Nick said the Beaver Creek Project was awarded a grant and looks forward to the results of that project. Nick said the drive it yourself tour had a great turn out this year.

Dr. Steven Jacquemin with Wright State University gave a report on his efforts on water quality. Dr. Jacquemin spoke about water quality and microsystems levels. He spoke about a rough fish/carp removal project he is working on. Dr. Jacquemin updated membership on the west beach project stating an archeological survey is being conducted. He also noted on several nutrient removal in each treatment trains.

Nick Rentz then opened the floor for membership’s questions.  Jeff Vossler read the 50/50 winner.

Submitted by,

Eric Morris


Lake Improvement Association