LIA Members Meeting

10 a.m. September 6, 2014


Celina Moose Lodge


Board Members Present: President Tim Lovett, Treasurers Ted and Diane Bertke, Secretary Eric Morris, Trustees Jeff Vossler , Tom Rampe, Seth Brigham, Brian Morris & Stan Wilker. Absent were: Vice President Mark Piening and Sgt. of Arms Dave Eyink

Tim Lovett welcomed everyone and led the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report:

Tim Lovett spoke about the Bar Stool Open that is to be held August 10th. Tim thanked all the judges and volunteers that helped before and during the event. This year’s event featured 11 bars, 151 teams, 45 hole sponsors for $4,500 and had a of profit $14,232. Tim also credited Seth Brigham and Mark Piening for all the work they did for the event.


Stan Wilker gave a report on the Fishing Derby that is to be held September 10th, at the first shelter house at 1030am. Stan said that lunch will be provided to those who participate. Stan said that he is in need of a lot of cookies and volunteers for the event and asked the membership to help out with the event.

Eric Morris offered an update on Zombie Fest that is to be held on the East Bank in the 2nd shelter house on September 13. The event will begin at 3pm with a vendors show and will open the fest with a dance routine and a corn-hole tournament at 6-7pm. Eric talked about the band and trivia contests as well as the costume contests and prizes. Eric mentioned the Zombie Walk itself and that people are more than welcome to take part in trivia and other festivities during the night.


Brian Miller reported on the status of the lake. Brian talked about a couple hunting updates. Brian then talked about the Harvest Festival that will be held Sept. 19th at the camp grounds. Brian also talked about the U.S. Fresh Water Boater Alliance, Brian informed members on the activities of the USFWAB. Brian mentioned the Governor’s Cup Regatta and briefly updated members on the current dredge and dredging status.

Tim Lovett gave the LRC update for Milt Miller. Tim said that The LRC will be purchasing a section of Windy Point with the Clean Ohio Grant and work on cleaning that area. Tim said that Milt said that work will be completed in Prairie Creek area by winter.

Brad Fisher with the Grand Lake Recreation Club was present to talk about the new “Oil Derrick” replica that was erected on the site of the last standing oil derrick. Brad showed a few pictures and explained the specs of the replica. Brad thanked everyone involved with the project and said that the project should have cost around $11,000 but after donations and assistance from local businesses the project cost approximately $2200.00.

Tim Lovett spoke about a few miscellaneous things first he announced two $3000.00 donations from the LIA to the Montezuma Fire Dept. and the Celina Fire Dept. for rescue equipment. He also spoke about two arygators that have not been working for several years. Tim said that the LIA will get one arygator functional again and possibly give it to Otterbein to help with their channels. Tim also mentioned the Guardian of the Lake Award which the LIA is taking nominations and will hopefully present the award at the November Meeting. Tim also mentioned the upcoming board elections, he said that if anyone is interested in running for a position on the board to let a current board member know. Tim also mentioned a grant that Trustee Brian Morris is looking into grants to build a playground somewhere around the lake.

Terry Mescher with Soil and Water reported on Nutrient Management Plans. Terry said that there is currently 149 operations in the watershed.  Terry also spoke briefly about S.B. 150 and its current place in legislation. Terry said that if people are seeing problems to call him or Francis Springer at 614-395-6210 or 419-234-4678 respectively.


Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions and comments.

Tim Lovett drew the winner of the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 11:18am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris

LIA Secretary