LIA Executive Board Meeting

10:00 a.m. Sept. 3, 2016 Celina Moose Lodge


Tim Lovett welcomed everyone to the members meeting and stood for the pledge of allegiance.

Ted Bertke gave the treasurers report. Ted said there is a balance of $59,377.31.

Mark Piening Spoke about the Bar Stool Open for 2016. Mark gave Thanks to Participants, Hole Sponsors, Judges, Behms for hosting the judging of pontoons and t-shirt contests, Duckfoot for after party, bars who made the teams feel welcome to GLSM….Special thanks for Keith Westrick Committee Chair Person, Stan Wilker. He said there were 146 teams signed up, about 113 teams finished No major issues with the water level or weather, teams used alternate forms of transportation to complete event and most bars arranged the holes to be under roof. Total income from event: $14,536 Total expenses $2,131 Profit $12,405.

Stan Wilker gave an update on the kids fishing derby to be held September 7th. Stan said the event has 183 children signed up for the event. Stan asked for the membership come help if they have the time as there are about 30 more kids than usual.

Tim Lovett spoke about the following:

–          Guardian of the Lake Award- Tim asked the membership to nominate people they feel are deserving of the award.

–          September 10th farm tour- Tim said the tour is to take a group out on the lake to take a look at different projects around the lake.

–          Sept. 16 Stewardship

Ag Solutions Coordinator update: Theresa Dirksen: noted on many of her efforts around the lake since taking the help from Mr. Keller. She reported on several different tests/ projects with different technologies she is working on. Theresa also expounded on the above farm tour by saying this year’s tour is limited to 30-40 participants and she plans to showcase the water treatment efforts and other lake improvements. Theresa gave the membership her contact information, which will be available on the LIA website.

Tim Lovett updated the board for Milt Miller tim said all treatment train are currently running. He updated the board on each trains status. Tim noted that he will have pictures of Prairie Creek that were taken from a dronelier this month.

David Faler gave the Lake Update. Brian said lake level is at-12. David said the Fall Festival is September 9-11 and the event features car shows, crafts, kids games, canoe and kayak opportunities, dredge tours and more. David wanted to thank USFBA for their efforts around the lake. He also spoke about the Lake St. Marys Camp Grounds noting that the camp grounds has been busy and the splash pad is very popular. David also updated the membership for Tom Grabow. David gave information on the current dredging efforts and whereabouts/ plans of the dredges, noting that Tom indicated that August was one of the best months of dredging in his career.

Tim Lovett opened the floor for questions.

Jeff Vossler drew the winner of the 50/50.

The Members Meeting concluded at 10:45am

Submitted by,

Eric Morris


Lake Improvement Association