December 3, 2011

LIA Membership Meeting

Board Members in Attendance

Tim Lovett, Mark Piening, Pat Lovett, Kate Anderson, Bob Sachs, Tom Rampke, Dave Meyer, Jeff Vossler, Tony Seger, Stan Wilker and Matt Tebbe (excused absence).

President Tim Lovett opened the meeting with a welcome to all in attendance and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer, Pat Lovett gave the financial report as follows:

Beginning Balance $40,265.19
Deposit $ 294.83
Expenses $ 1,392.70
Interest $ 1.67
Current Balance $39,168.99

Jeff Vossler reported to the membership that the annual review of the financial records, as required by the by-laws, was conducted and the financial records are accurate and in good order.

Dave Meyer gave a report on the annual election stating that no further nominations had been received and that Bryan Morris was nominated for the Trustee at Large position and Dave Eyinkw as nominated for the Sargeant at Arms position. Dave Eyink was present and introduced to the members. The motion to elect these two to the LIA Board in their respected positions was made by Rick Naumbrock and seconded by Jeff Vossler. President Lovett called for the vote. The membership voted unanimously in favor of the nominations.

President Lovett described the service of both Matt Tebbe and Bob Sachs to the LIA and thanked them for their commitment and service. He especially recognized Bob Sachs for the countless hours of service he had unselfishly given to the organization and its fundraisers. Bob Sachs was given the opportunity to share his experience as a LIA Board Member. He thanked the Board for their hard work and shared that the Board is very hard working and deeply committed to the LIA and to cleaning up the lake.

Lovett announced and thanked Behms their contribution of $234.39 in their aluminum can drive for the LIA. Lovett stated that former Park Ranger, Rex Waltz had passed away. He was Park Ranger from 1976-1988. He asked everyone in the room for a moment of silence for Mr. Waltz.

Lovett reviewed the 2012 LIA Budget reporting that the projected total expenses are $69,200.00 and the projected total revenues are $51, 650.00. The majority of the revenue will be from membership dues and fundraiser which include the “Pirates of the Caribbean” winter event, LIA Golf Outing and the annual Barstool Open. Lovett pointed out that a good portion of the expenses will be to the LRC and special projects because the LIA is strongly committed to cleaning up the lake. He also stated that for the use of their facilities, the LIA will make donations to the Celina Moose Lodge for their Children’s

Fund and the Franklin Township for their bike paths maintenance. Also, budgeted for 2012 are the LIAs annual expenses and funds for grant writing. In conclusion, Mr. Lovett called for a motion of approval of the 2012 budget. The motion was made by Dave Dennis and seconded by Bob Sachs. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mark Piening reported on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” fundraiser which is to be held on February 8, 2012 at Romers in Celina. The event currently has ten $500 sponsors and several $50 sponsors. He reported that the tickets are beginning to sell. He encouraged all members to talk up the event and encourage people to buy tickets early.

Piening also reported that the website last month had 79,000 visits with 200,000+ page views. He explained that with much of the attention about the water quality of the lake and the LIAs efforts to clean it up, the LIA website is now getting international hits. He reported that the LIA is on Twitter and has 902 monthly users on Facebook.

President Lovett introduced Bryan Morris, the LIAs webmaster and new Trustee-At-Large. He then introduced Tom Knapke to give an update from the LRC. Knapke first thanked Tom Rampe for his excellent work and support of the LRC. He shared that Rampe was the Secretary of the LRC and has donated many hours to the LRC agenda. He reported that for 2012, the LRC is attempting to raise $5 million for alum treatment. $1.5 million is currently in place and many efforts are underway to secure the balance. The alum treatment will begin in the early spring. This year the State Park Service ran a successful dredging program and wetlands were planted to improve the water quality of the Lake. One goal of the LRC was to secure funding for a full-time Lake Manager position and he was happy to report that funds have been secured and the position will be advertised next week. This person will coordinate the activities of the LRC and work with the various agencies working to clean-up the lake. There is a 3 yr. commitment for funding of the position. This person will directly report to the LRC and the deadline for applications will be 12/15/11 to ensure a quick turnaround. Knapke also thanked the LIA for their many efforts and especially for their website and news alerts which have kept the need for a clean lake in the forefront as a local issue with decision-makers.

Lovett thanked Knapke for the countless hours and hard work on the lake. Lovett added that the AgriSolutions group had submitted a business plan to the state and with no problems they would be in place to begin work in the Spring of 2012. They will be producing organic fertilizer from the manure from the local farms and organic potting soil from the silt at the bottom of the lake.

Brian Miller, St. Marys Grand Lake Park Manager gave an update on park activities. They include the following.

The lake level is high.

Ohio State Park Gift Cards are available for sale and make great stocking stuffers.

Ash trees are being removed and the wood is available for firewood for the public.

The restrooms will be update for the season.

Rough fish nets are being repaired for use next season.

The $100,000 Praire Creek Wetlands project with the Army Corp of Engineers with the matching funds of coming from the Counties.

There is $200,000 for the Rift Raft.

Sediment cores taken from the lake bottom are still being analyzed and the results will be reported when they are available.

There are no specifics on the U.S. Dept of the Interior grant that was announced, however, Craig McPeek of the OH State Park Service.

Emphasis for 2012 will be rough fish removal and restoring wetlands.

Beaver trapping season is starting soon and people should call the Park Office if they have a beaver that needs trapping.

Sport fishing is very good, especially Crappie.

Still waiting for the latest fish tissue sampling and the results will be shared when he receives them.

An Airy Gators will be placed in the St. Marys Boat Club channel as recommended by Batelle and to test a closed channel. The one at South Moore Shores will remain.

The Park Service surpassed their dredging goal with 271,000 cubic yards of silt removed in 2011. The new dredger is nearing delivery and photos were shared with the members. It will be delivered in January, 2012.

There will be a meeting with Batelle to discuss the 8 vendors they found suitable for working to clean the lake.

People living on the lake or on channels are encouraged to install aeration systems. All permits will be expedited through the Park Office.

The new State Park Director is Jim Zehring with Fred Shimp and Andy Ware as Deputy Directors.

Actions to clean the lake at the state level are being expedited.

There will be a meeting with the various directors to give a review of the 2011 activities and plans for 2012.

Governor Kasich is to be thanked for making the lake clean-up a high priority in his administration.

The Park Service thanked the LIA for their continued support with the Ski Show, Fishing Derby, the outstanding website and its continued support of the LRC.

Lovett thanked Brian Miller, Park Manager, for his hard work throughout the year and for the hard work of his staff. The LIA would like to acknowledge the State Parks Dredging Crew at the February meeting for their outstanding efforts in 2011.

Lovett recognized Bill Ringo for a brief look back into the history of the LIA. Ringo read from the minutes of the LIA meeting in 1948, summarizing that Mr. Dowell Gilbert, LIA Trustee, had built quill and carp traps. He went to the traps and collected ten tons of quill back and 45 tons of shad. He also shared from the minutes the the OH Supreme Court ruled on the flooding of landowners on 6/19/48. Homer Hunter of the Beaver Creek Association and Commissioner of the agency currently known as the ODNR, was held responsible for the flooding of the Beaver Creek area.

Lovett thanked Ringo more the bit of history announced that unless the membership objected, there would be no January LIA Membership meeting. In lieu of this meeting the LIA Board will take the time to conduct their annual planning process for 2012. So, the next meeting of the LIA will be on February 4, 2012. Lovett called for Q&A and with no questions, he called for the drawing of the 50/50 raffle. The winner Greg Gast donated his half to the LIA. Lovett then adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Anderson

LIA Secretary