Lake Improvement Association October 2011 Members’ Meeting Minutes

Saturday, 1.10.2011 10:00 at Celina Moose Lodge


Minute taker

Brian Morris (BM)


Jeff Vossler (JV), Tony Seger (TS), Matt Tebbe (MT), Stan Wilker (SW), Tom Rampe (TR), Dave Meyer (DM), Bob Sachs (BS), Pat Lovett (PL), Tim Lovett (TL), Mark Piening (MP), plus members

Call to Order

Welcome by President Tim Lovett

Pledge of Allegiance

Treasurer’s Report





Vice President’s Report

Mark Piening introduced Beach Party to be held February 18, 2012 at Romer’s in Celina. Hired Jimmy Buffet tribute band – Parrots of the Caribbean. #1 JB Tribute band – put on a great show. Tickets are $15 apiece, cash bar, music begins at 7 p.m., local band to warm up, POTC start at 9 p.m., two sets, out at midnight. Get your groups together of 10 and come early and you’ll get prime seating. Five couples total. Prizes best dressed and best t-shirt design, door prizes, raffles, 5050, silent auctions. Romer’s also gave us a really good rate on 2-3 bedroom condos. $75/night, 2 or 3 couples together, condo for $75, don’t drink and drive Tickets on sale Oct. 15 on the web or at five or six sites around the lake where tickets will be available for purchase TBA.

Will also have corporate sponsorships. Two types of sponsorships: Corporate Table – $500 10 tickets, private table, recognition, signage, etc. Corp. Sponsorship – $50 – signage.

Get tickets early because we’re going to sell out quickly

Dave Meyer

Held fishing derby for challenged children. 165 children – great turnout this year. 75 teachers, parents, and teacher’s aides. 55 LIA volunteers. 15 state park workers. Could have used more, some worked hard staying busy trying to get all fish off hook Total 310 people, 580 hot dogs, 30 bags potato chips, etc. – closed up shop and had five cans of Mountain Dew left. One school could not attend due to budget restraints, when derby was over Dave and wife went to classroom and took them cookies and snacks and they were very appreciative.


Officers and trustees – will have an election in December Taking nominations. One officer and one trustee will be leaving. Definitely need one of each to add to election. If you would like to really get involved, let Dave know and we’ll put you on the ballot.

Special Presentation

Julie Miller with LRC – has special guests from Cincinnati RBC Bluewater Group. In 2007 Royal Bank of Canada – RBC Blue Water Project – committed to protect fresh water. 10 year, $50 million grant program. Narrowed focus to two areas – more meaningful.

“GLSM first on EPA list projects needed funding in Ohio – brought a check for $20,000. We are pleased to support great work going on at GLSM and hope this can be a meaningful part of restoring GLSM back to what it should be.”

Julie Miller said they are going to target these dollars to restore wetland project and work on Prairie Creek next year – going to good use right away.

LRC Update

Dr. Tom Knapke – 58% reduction in phosphorus in center of lake, 20 to 30% reduction in outer areas. Continuing dredging and studies of rough fish removal and wetlands… Battelle – meeting with them in last two weeks finalizing reports, meeting in next 15 days with state directors to go over final report findings. Within next 30 to 45 days will have plan for next year – initiatives to take place in March, April and May. Constantly looking for additional funding in that respect – appreciate support (referenced 20K from RBC)

Guardian of the Lake Award

Jeff Vossler named Linda May as the recipient of the LIA Guardian of the Lake Award. See related news item.

Ag Conversions Presentation

Ag Conversions presented a plan for turning watershed manure into fertilizer and lake dredging material into potting soil, then shipping the majority of both products out of the area. See related news item.

Lake Update

Dredging – The GLSM State Park has been dredging near Kozy Campground, with over 1,000 cubic yards alone this week. An impeller went bad on a dredge and needed changed, slowing dredging near Bayview.

Mercer County waterfowl refuge walls – The shallow areas are to be made deeper next spring.

Stump Removal – Right now crane is over in Lake Loramie in a field under water. Once the water recedes/dries the crane will be moved to Grand Lake St. Marys to help remove stumps.

“BRUTUS” is the name of the new dredge to be built by January 15 and ship in March or April. It will have a 12” pump.

Brian Miller reported that the youth waterfowl season begins October 15.

The State Park had a good weekend, sort of a wrap-up weekend with a Halloween theme at the campground. All electric sites were filled and a few non-electric sites were reserved. Visitation is up 9.4 percent over last year in the Grand Lake St. Marys State Park campground, which is significant because statewide Ohio is down 9.5 percent from last season. GLSMSP cabin rentals are up 45 percent from a year ago, and cabin rental statewide is down three percent. GLSMSP continues to offer 50 percent off. Miller said the numbers are good because we’re getting people back to our community, buying our gas, our bait, etc.,, doing the things the need to do.

Miller also reported that the State Park will not be testing microsystin levels at the beach any more this year. It will be tested, along with e.Coli, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The Celina Treatment Plan tests for it year-round.

If you have not paid your dock fees, pay them.

The State Park pulled some of the 260 buoys out of the water. If anyone needs a loaner or a new chain or anchor, let them know.

Miller said there are a lot of winter projects planned for Grand Lake St. Marys, including dredging, extensions, a new restroom in the campgrounds, etc., which shows that the state is still making investments and moving forward with GLSM.

Miller reminded everyone to observe no wake zones in channels, or we risk adding to erosion issues.

Miller reported that ODNR has requested $414,000 of GLSM-earmarked Capital Funds to be released. From that, $49,000 will be used for analyzing core samples. Part of that is a match with the Army Corps of Engineers for the Prairie Creek/Turtle Wetlands Projects, $65,000 is for geotubes, and $200,000 will be for rip rap on state-owned shorelines. In addition, new rough fish nets will be designed and implemented – but they are not funded by the Capital Funds.

Crappie fishing has been great on GLSM, and next spring should likewise be good for crappie fishing and beaver trapping.

The state park will pull monitoring stations around November12.

Miller congratulated Linda May for being Guardian of the Lake as well as Dave Meyer and all volunteers who have contributed to restoring GLSM.

Remember to winterize boats properly!

Q & A

Q: It would be good if we can bring kids to the fishing derby if schools have funding/budget issues that prevent them from doing so.
A: We’ll duly note.

Q: Amiran, are they going to have a charge to farmers to pick up this material?
A: No.


Tim Lovett: If anyone was here back in July of last year when we had the directors from the ODNR and EPA here, and you recall the mood of that meeting, you’ll know we have turned a lot of that around. A lot of positive things are going on. We’re going to perpetuate that. Keep hope, keep moving forward and I think we’re going to have a successful year.

A special thank-you to Behm’s Landing, which donated $23.25 to the LIA from their aluminum sales. Thank you!

50-50 Drawing

$113 total – $57 to winner: Winner: Elaine Coy. Donated back to the LIA. Thank you!

Meeting Close