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LIA Minutes June 5, 2010

President Tim Lovett opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance. The “Pledge” was recited. Concern was expressed and prayers asked for Trustee Bob Grimm who is ill. The anniversary of The Invasion of Normandy was recognized and all veterans present were recognized for their personal sacrifices and profound service to our country.
Secretary’s Report: The current membership is approximately 840. Membership continues to increase.
Trustee’s Report: Dave Meyer reported on behalf of Tom Rampe.
 First year findings from a three-year study funded by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) show that the Chickasaw Creek, a Grand Lake St. Marys tributary, is severely degraded. The study, which is being conducted by the National Center for Water Quality Research at Heidelberg University, is focusing on Chickasaw Creek because it is representative of the Grand Lake St. Marys watershed. The purpose of the study is to look at the conditions of water entering Grand Lake St Marys and determine the impact of conservation practices as they are applied in the next two years. To reduce the nutrient loading in the Creek, it is apparent that the best agricultural management practices will have to be applied to a much larger percentage of the agricultural acreage in the Creek’s watershed. Further, some form of in stream treatment of the Creek’s flow may be required to reduce the nutrients to a level that will meet the OEPA standards that have been established for the Creek.
Volunteers are encouraged to sign up to help with the youth Fishing Derby. Last year’s attendance was excellent, serving about 480 children and helpers.
Vice President: Mark Piening reported the LIA web, is doing well and is only 11 weeks old. There have been 3,759 visits 17298 pages viewed and traffic to the site is increasing due to advertising through ValPak and bill boards. We now are on Facebook and Twitter and will be advertising on them to further increase traffic. We have available 2 advertising slots on the top banner Ad and 2 on the lower left. Anyone interested in advertising, please see Mark. At the next meeting there will be the first major exciting addition to the site, stay tuned. Please remember to go to the web site and “Contact You Legislators” Ask your family, friends, and neighbors to “Become a Member”Make a tax deductible donation to the “GLSM Restoration Initiative”. We want to acknowledge and thank Rick Neurenbrock of ValPak for donating the ValPak mailers.
Plaques were presented to Web Designers: Brian Morris Hobbes Enterprises and Brad Thobe Midnet Media were recognized for their expertise and commitment to designing and creating this new and highly successful LIA website. They spent infinite hours on the project at no cost to the organization. The plan is to continue to be progressive with this website.
The Barstool Open Judges are in place, and the t-shirts are ordered, however volunteers are always accepted and welcome. A dinner will be held Aug. 6th at the first shelter house along East Bank Road in St. Marys. Sponsors continue to be needed. This is our only fund raiser!
The Lake Restoration Initiative has received wonderful media support recently through both television and newspaper reporting. The momentum is really rolling. The press has been extremely positive. Over $500,000 has been raised, and the goal has been increased to $600,000. Water quality is currently high. Toxin levels are way down. The clarity of the water is the best it’s been for a long time. The aerators are in place at Shockers and Southmoor Shores. The “curtain” being used at Shockers has failed. It was not substantial enough to withstand conditions there. This curtain was free, but a replacement will cost about $10,000.
Majority of the member’s annual fee is used up by sending out the monthly news letters and after the next 3 months we will be stop the mailers. You will get them through e-mail or you will need to go to the web site to view. Members that paid extra for the mailers will receive them by mail. Please see a separate sheet explaining the process for converting to e-mail. We urge everyone to go GREEN.
Saturday, June 19th at 1:00 PM there will be a dedication of the newly constructed West Bank Boat House.
Recipient of “Guardian of the Lake” will once again be chosen. The nominee should reflect someone who has been a positive impact on the Lake. Jeff Vossler was chosen last year. Nominate your favorite candidate now through August. The individual will be chosen, and the award will be presented in September.
Membership support is needed during the Regatta Races and the Lake Festival for the LRI booth. Consider volunteering a couple of hours of your time. The goal is to provide knowledge to the community and get our message out there.
Craig Morton provided his lake report. The current water level is 9 inches above normal pool. The dredge crew is busy. The aerators are in place. Spring log removal is done. Beaver Creek is being dredged. 80,000 cubic yards have been pumped from Riley Bay. E-coli levels have been tested and are currently low. Testing occurs 3-4 times a week. Testing had increased to provide more data.
Memorial Day Weekend was a huge success. Everything is on the upswing. The campgrounds were full, and the volume of boating was high. A tree was purchased and will be planted in honor of Shane Frey who lost his life on the lake last year.
Bob Sachs wrote a very passionate letter to our Ohio legislators concerning the status of our lake. He received a lone reply from the office of Senator Sherrod Brown. Paul Bradley, from Brown’s office, has met with locals several times to view shoreline erosion and the other issues concerning our lake. Bradley stated that community support is a must to get Senator Brown behind any mission. He was impressed by ours.
The 50/50 drawing, $40.00, was won by Andrea VanHorn who donated the money back to the LIA.
The next meeting is July 3rd at 10:00 A.M. at the Celina Moose
Due to costly mailings all newsletters will be online as of 9/1/10.