Attendees: Tim Lovett (TL), Pat Lovett (PL), Mark Piening (MP), Brian Morris (BM), Tom Rampe (TR), Jeff Vossler (JV), Dave Meyer (DM), Dave Eyink (DE), Tony Seger (TS), Stan Wilker (SW)




1. Pledge


Tim Lovett – Jackie Mertz won Dragon tickets at the LIA Beach Party, but we do not have contact information. Please let us know if you know Jackie.



Lowell Dues passed away March 30, former LIA treasurer, Guardian of the Lake. The LIA extends its heartfelt sympathies for Lowell’s family.


2. Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance ………. $40,656.25
Deposits …………………… $ 5,536.34
Expenses …………………. $ 2,282.39
Interest …………………….. $ 1.83
………………………………. $43,912.03


3. VP Report

Membership Program Launched


4. Membership Committee Report

Dave Eyink introduced the new LIA membership program. Currently membership 600 to 700 paid (about 1200 as families) members, target is to get 2,012 members for 2012. Due to postage and communication costs, the LIA is raising membership from $10 to $15 this year. It will help us get message out and get people using the lake. Through participation of area businesses the LIA is going to offer a member discount card to each member. Middle of May list of members going to card company. On the back there will be discounts from area lake-related businesses, some really good discounts and a win for everybody. Discounts drive people back to area businesses, give members value as enjoying lake, they get to use card and get return that we haven’t been able to offer before. New membership applications are available. Phase I of getting membership up to 2,012. Next month rolling out Phase II. Give 30 days from today’s date to sign up, and will be mailed out about May 15, be expecting them about May 20 or so. Any members who paid early can pay additional $5 and get card.


5. Bylaws

Have not yet come up with final draft for bylaws. We want to get it right the first time, going to take another month to review suggestions and will bring forward to you at the May 2012 meeting. Will have two readings and vote.


6. Beach Improvement

Windy Point – Stan Wilker identified a beach abandoned at Windy Point. Need to put a little sand in, move a little rock, Brian Miller gave OK. Getting bids to renovate beach. Next month will have cost proposal and south side people will now have a beach to go to if that works. Part of your $5 is to try to do these type of lake improvements.


7. Website Milestone

Hit a milestone in that we are now sending more than 1,000 news alerts every time we send out.


8. LIA Committed

Remember LIA is committed to improving the experience of the people who enjoy Grand Lake St. Marys. Seeking suggestions for areas of improvement and projects that want to have done. Go to website and contact us and we will look at your ideas.


9. LIA Chamber Award

LIA won Non-Profit Organization of the Year by the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce. Very appreciative and thank you for your help, we can make a difference. Jeff Vossler.


10. Carp Derby Update

Donna Grube from Aug/Mer CVB. Get the Carp Outta Here Derby. Last year just under 300 people signed up and took out over 8,000 lbs. of carp in 48 hours. This year moved the date to May 18, 19, and 20 to catch spawning season. Donna handed out brochures. We are seeking volunteers to work. Last year carp was by weight, a lot of work. This year, we’re going to do it by number so it will be easier to volunteer. The largest carp we will still weigh. Thanked Celina Moose for $500 donation and HAB Aquatics for $500 donations, also KCI donation. Goal to save entry money for the prize the following year, but are still building that. The entry fee is only $5. Prizes for youth, adult, and daily tournament totals. Also door prizes, so you can win even if you don’t fish. One prize is a weekend stay at the cabins at the state park. Volunteers: two-hour shifts and a way to give back and try to improve this lake. Getting the rough fish out of the lake is one of the action items the LRC has identified.

11. Grand Again Project

Laura Walker for Soil and Water. Grand Again campaign is about the external load, non-source point pollution. Displayed billboard, matching postcard, website, social media, etc. First topic: Lawn and Garden, specifically targeting lawn fertilizers. We need to test soil and make sure you’re not putting too much phosphorus on. Next will be storm drains. Next, septic systems. Fourth topic, pets. Last will focus on household waste and pharmaceuticals. Sponsored by Ohio Environmental and Education Fund, which is funded by Ohio EPA fines. LRC made the application for the grant, then the CIC (commissioners) hold funding, and Soil and Water conducts the project. Campaign going live next week, please visit website and take a survey so we can tell what people understand about the issue. You have a chance of winning non-phosphorus fertilizers, will be a new prize for every portion of the campaign.

12. Grand Lake Coast Guard Flotilla

One more boater safety class on Grand Lake St. Marys. Required course for anyone born January 1982 or after to operate any watercraft over 10 HP. Two more on Indian Lake.

13. Channel Aeration

Joe Lochtefeld and Miles Strand – Diversified Pond Supplies. Channels desperately need oxygen. Can benefit from bottom aeration. Discussed channel aeration options. Advantages of linear aeration vs. diffuser disc.

14. LRC Report

Milt Miller: We all have to be ambassadors for the lake. Last week a great week: Brutus dedication, alum started. We have a wonderful partnership with the state and we appreciate it. Treatment train under construction behind Aqua View Estates – excavation being done and final drawings being completed. Lake Facilities Authority Update – still a volunteer organization with no legal status, working to move toward LFA, making progress. Littoral wetlands – found aerial photos from lake from 1938, which provides a road map to duplicate natural wetlands. Working with Army Corps of Engineers. Would like to move sediment and plant plants. Crappie season fantastic, please be ambassadors.

15. State Park Update

Tom Grabow: – Brutus is here, running. Very pleased with operations. Thanked Senator Faber for securing funding, Brian Fogle with PSC who brought the crane to lift the dredge into the water, and community for support, hundreds have come out to look at Brutus. Nice to know we have a lot of people on our side with our program.

Next couple of weeks will see a lot of pipe out on the lake, lines will be marked and sank at night, but boating traffic needs to be cautious, hard to see in rough water.

Jobs for 2012: Otterbein, Anderson’s, Kozy, Mouth of It’s It, Breezewood, Harmon’s, Coldwater Creek, mouth of State Park area.

Will be hiring new dredge operators. Showed photos.


Brian Miller – Crappie fishing has been phenomenal, bass fishing has been very good. Catfish is also great.

We have three eagle nests now.

Lake level is at 0 right now, at the 50-foot notch. Lake level management is part of the LRC plan to restore the lake. Conducted study to determine best lake level management policy.

Lake Clean Up Day is April 21 from 9 a.m. to noon. Please see event on LIA website for full details.

Brutus – replacing a machine that is 43 years old. Alum started April 2. Recognized HAB for doing the alum treatment – these guys are committed to this problem, the lake and the State of Ohio.

If you’re out there boating please give them some room.

Monitoring stations are out again, this year two of them and yellow buoy out in middle of lake, real-time data available online.

Airy Gators not back in the water yet, one is being repaired, the other is going to be relocated. Working on getting them back in the water.

Channel aeration application, very simple process, just want you to know what’s out there.

Rough fish removal starting soon.

Dock fees 50% off this year, please pay dock fees because that’s how we get program running.

Also 25% off cabins at state park except holidays.

East Bank launch ramp – two launch ramps and parking lot expanded and resurfaced.

Expanded seawall and docks in campground, replacing restroom in campground.

Resurfacing over at Windy Point.

Completed rip rap at Harmon’s Landing and Rustic Haven.

Partnering with City of St. Marys to create a dog park near east end marina.

Will have an intern this summer, will have identification, donating 480 hours to the park.

Brian Miller is now also managing Lake Loramie State Park – temporarily.

Fish safe to eat – under normal advisory rules.

Tom Rampe said an osprey was sited near the lake.

16. Questions and Answers

Is membership drive advertising in Daily Standard? We are taking a look at that but have to consider the investment.

17. 50/50

Herb Richie – $60 – congratulations!

18. Conclusion

Conclusion of meeting.