Officers in attendance were President Tim Lovett, Vice-president Mark Piening, Treasurer Pat Lovett, and Secretary Kate Anderson. Directors in attendance were Dave Myer, Tony Seger, Tom Rampe, Matt Tebbe, and Jeff Vossler. Master at Arms Bob Sachs and Stan Wilker were excused from attendance at the meeting.

President Lovett opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance and conducting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance $29,718.59 Deposits 12,745.61 Expenses 11,254.05 Interest 1.24 Balance $31,211.39

President Lovett provided a report on the “1st Annual LIA Golf Outing,” stating that the tournament was held July 16 at the Northmoor Golf Course. He said the Golf Course treated the LIA very well. He asked Vice President, Mark Piening to give a report on the Golf Outing. Mark stated that the Event Chair, Stan Wilker, did an incredible job of putting on the tournament in only seven weeks. He thanked Stan and his co-chairs: Bob Sachs, Mike Kleinhenz, Carl Schroeder and Brian Morris. He also thanked the many volunteers and officials, including the “Beer Girls”, Kelly Gault and Jeannie Jaeggi. He offered a special thanks to Janet Wilker, Judy Bills, Dave and Elaine Brunswick, Milt Miller, Doug and Janet Barhorst, Dave and Gayle Meyer, Pat Lovett and Char Piening. Piening explained that the goal for the golf tournament was 36 teams registered and to clear $5,000. The tournament net the LIA $4,994 with 34 teams registered. The 46 Hole Sponsors/businesses and a thank you note would be sent to all of them. He stated that Chief, Domino Pizza, Pizza Hut and Duckfoot’s sponsored food and beverages. The LIA will sponsor the “2nd Annual LIA Golf Outing” on Sept. 15, 2012 with an 8am and a 1:00pm tee times and a goal of 76 teams.

Mark also reported that members should mark their calendars for an LIA fundraiser on 2/8/2012 at Romers. It will involve tropical shirts. The goal of the event was $10,000.

President Lovett gave a report on the Bar Stool Open, thanking Linda and Mark Severt at Duckfoot’s Bar & Grill and Tammy Todd who served as Committee Chairs. Co-chairs of the event were Dave and Gail Meyer. He thanked the LIA Board who all worked various sites throughout the day. Lovett also thanked the many officials and volunteers who made this a successful event. He thanked the

participating bars: Duckfoot’s, Behms, Sunnyside, Rustic Haven, Bayview, Shockers, It’s It, Sidetrack, Dockside, Celina Moose, Celina Eagles, Wooden Eagle and Shingle Shack. Lovett asked that members thank and support the following hole sponsors: Minster Bank, Speckman Automotive, Lake Contracting, Leugers Insurance Agency, Inc., Southmoor Shore Association, Sharon Galbreath, JTDMH, Buds, St. Mary’s Eagles, Millers Funeral Home, Laco Laundry, Pro Shop Car Wash, South Shore Sportsmen Club, Schweiterman Pharmacy, Innovative Office Solutions, Inc., State Farm Insurance (Bob Nudings), First National Bank, America Best Value, Ace Hardware (St. Marys), Cisco Realty (Jeff Bertke), Key Bridge, Seifring & Associates CPAs (St. Marys), H.A. Dorsten, Inc., Sears Hometown Store, Brad Gabbord (St. Marys), Dickman Supply, Inc., John Bruns County Commissioner, West Bank, Kerns Family Dealerships, Master Machine Rebuilders, Celina Glass, Thein Investment, Switch & Support, Celina Wine Store. Lovett thanked WLIO and C&G and Bombright distributors for providing ads and door prizes. Behm’s recycled cans during the Barstool Open and raised an additional $142.32.

President Lovett gave a special thank you to Tony Seger for the extraordinary donations and assistance he has given for the Golf Outing and the Barstool Open and other events and activities of the LIA.

Dillon Carel of the Celina Lake Festival thanked the LIA for their support of the festival and for sponsoring the Ski Show. The show was a big hit and the performers reported later that no one became ill in any way from the lake.

Dave Meyer reported that the LIA will be accepting nominations for the “Guardian of the Lake Award.” If anyone has a nomination, please contact him. The award will be given either at the September or October LIA membership meeting.

Meyer also reported that the Children’s Fishing Derby will be 9/14/11 at 9:00am and located at the East Bank Shelter House. Brian Miller had the fishing ponds tested and they are safe for the event. Meyer asked for volunteers and lots of cookies for the event.

Brian Miller gave an update on the lake with the following information:

Lake level is currently 2 inches above normal.

• Recommended LIA members to read the article by Nancy Allen of the Daily Standard on the Park Service’s Lake Dredging Program and he thanked her for it. The Dredging Program currently has removed 150,000 cubic yds. of its goal of 200,000 for the year. The 3 ½ acres on the north side of the lake is now full. The town of Coldwater has given the park service a large amount of broken concrete for the hauling and it should be enough to finish the dumping site off Sandy Beach.

• The Park Service will be taking core samples at 50 locations in the lake to determine the make- up of the silt and identify whether there are any commercial uses for the dredged materials. One example of this is a company that turns the silt into organic potting soil.

• Current microsystins were 2.4 – 4.3 parts per billion (ppb) and this week they were 11.2 – 11.4 ppb. To lower the hazard posting, the lake must test below 6ppb for two weeks in a row. For those wanting more information about the algae go to

• There has been an increase in campsite rentals but the park is still off by 50%. The launch ramps have been busier.

• People need to pay their dock fees.

• The State is still supporting lake efforts such as funds to update the launch ramps and parking lot at the East Bank Marina. The Park will receive additional funds to improve the lighting and to build courtesy docks at the campground.

• The rumors of tickets for operating under the influence are exaggerated. The actual number of tickets were: 4 on the Fourth of July, 1 during Lake Festival and 1 this month. All incidents have been investigated and the tickets were justified.

• Reminded everyone that the Governor’s Cup is 8/27-8/28 and there will be seven vendors available to provide information and answer questions of the public.

• Thanked the LIA for the Barstool Open and that he and his wife had a very good time.

• President Lovett reported that the LRC is waiting for Battelle to review the list of potential companies that claim that they have a clean up solution for the lake. Battelle will narrow the list to 5-7 companies with workable solutions. The sediment collectors have not been as effective as the LRC had hoped but they are looking into ways to use them more effectively. They will be used on the Prairie Creek treatment train and moved to a better location. They are still of good value to the lake.

Lovett reported that the LIA will be a $1,000 sponsor of the Governor’s Cup and will be in the tent to answer questions and sign up new members.

Lovett also reported that the Agri-Solutions group have been testing a way to turn manure into organic fertilizer and have been able to lower the phosphorous level in a lagoon to a really low level.

A member of the audience reported that lily pads are making a come back in parts of the lake.

The 50/50 drawing was won by Kevin Pyle.

Respectively submitted,

Kate Anderson, Secretary


Next Meeting – September 3, 2011 Celina Moose Lodge, 10:00a.m.