Minutes of LIA Membership Meeting


President Lovett opened the meeting and called for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Beginning Balance                 $41,200.34
Deposits                                 797.00
Expenses                                 2,784.20
Interest                                     1.54
Balance                                 $39,214.68

LIA Board member Jeff Vossler announced that the LIA has purchased a “Dissolved Oxygen Meter” which measures the oxygen level in the water. He explained that it would be available to measure the oxygen level in the channels around the lake. This is a very important undertaking because the channels are the breeding grounds for the game fish in the lake.

President Lovett called on Linda and Marked Severt for updates on the Barstool Open. They stated that there are no updates but more details will be released at a later date.

Dave Meyer, announced that the LIA Fishing Derby has been scheduled for September 14, 2011. It will be held at the East Bank Shelter House #1. If the lake is posted for no use, the Fishing Derby will be moved to the Celina Park Lake where it was in 2010. This fishing derby is for children of various mental and physical disabilities. Volunteers are needed for this event.

Meyer also announced that the LIA has 16,000 of the 2011 maps of the Grand Lake St. Marys (GLSM) at a cost of $0.165 each and are now available. The LIA also has laminated lake maps for $2 and watershed maps.

Laura Walker, the Grand Lake/Wabash Watershed Alliance coordinator, reported on the designation of the GLSM watershed as distressed. Effective January 19th, producers must follow NRCS recommended standards for spreading manure in winter. Producers should not be spreading manure on snow covered or frozen ground within 200 feet of a stream or ditch. In two years, producers will not be permitted to spread manure during the winter in the watershed and will be required to have approved nutrient management plans on how and when they spread manure. Further details are available at the Mercer and Auglaize County Soil and Water Conservation offices.

President Lovett announced that the Board of Trustees has identified the LIA Goals for 2011. They include the following:

1) Scientific Research – More science will be conducted on the lake water. Battelle is working on some additional research. There are no identifiable levels of exposure of the anti-toxins and the
CDC is looking at this. The LIA is hoping to have a full understanding of the chemical make-up of the lake.
2) Support for the LRC – The LIA has hired a lobbyist to help identify additional funds for lake cleanup.
3) Fundraising – The LIA will be conducting its largest fundraiser of the year, the “Barstool Open” but will also look into additional opportunities for raising funds. He explained that not much can be done without the money to do it,
4) Membership and Outreach – There will soon be a mailing of the membership renewal forms this month and President Lovett encouraged members to rejoin and recruit at least one other
person. He explained that the number of members is very important when the LIA is attempting to influence decision-makers about cleaning up the GLSM. He asked that members recruit as many new members as possible.
5) Political Advocacy and Legal – President Lovett explained that the LIA would work to identify elected officials who are like-minded to the goals of the LIA. Regarding legal action, President Lovett explained that the LIA is taking a neutral position on the current individual lawsuits. The
LIA is not ruling out legal action in the future but is currently attempting to identify other options for accomplishing lake cleanup. Sen. Sherrod Brown sent out a news release supporting the digestors.

Bob Sachs reported on the Educational Series on the LIA website. Brian Morris, Mark Peining and himself are undertaking this effort. He explained that the 5-part series regarding the GLSM would include the following topics:

Vol. 1 – The History of Grand Lake St. Marys – What You Don’t Know
Vol. 2 – Current Issues Affecting Grand Lake St. Marys
Vol. 3 – Impact on Local Economy
Vol. 4 – Solutions for Grand Lake St. Marys
Vol. 5 – The Future of Grand Lake St. Marys

Brian Morris is also preparing a Media Kit for the Series with hopes that local media outlets will use the material and increase the exposure of the challenges that our communities are challenged with as we work to cleanup the lake. Sachs stated that the LIA hopes to secure some national coverage as a result of the series. He also reported that the number of hits the LIA is getting on the educational series is very high as is the page that has the “Personal Action Plan.” There have been a high number of downloads of the Action Plan.

Laura Walker, of Mercer County Soil and Water Conservation District, announced that there would be a tour of the “Sediment Collector” on Barnes Creek. The tour will be on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 6:30pm. A third collector was installed on a tributary to the GLSM by the LRC. The U.S. EPA and the Ohio EPA, under the provisions of the Clean Water Act, fund this project through a grant.

She, also, announced that work is continuing on the floating wetlands and adoption of one of the wetland is available by contacting Laura Walker at (419)586-3289 or by email at laura.walker@mercercounty.org. . Another activity the SWCD has started is the publishing of a required newsletter. Walker explained that many people living on channels last year experienced a horrific odor. She announced that a meeting would be held with guest speaker, Bill Lynch of Ohio State University. He will be discussing, “The Pro’s and Con’s of Channel & Pond Floor Aeration” and how the odor problem may be addressed. There will be 60 free minutes of questions and answers. The meeting will be held at the Mercer Co. Central Services Building, Sugar St. Entrance, Celina, on
Thursday, March 11, 2011 at 4pm. Afterwards, the Ohio Lake Society will have an evening reception from 6-9pm at Celina Romer’s. A $10 registration fee is required and a cash bar will be available. Walker announced that the lawn and garden soil sampling kit would be available for $5 per kit and can be purchased at the Helena office. The kits will be available at the Helena Agronomic Center, Coldwater. Coupons for the kits can be purchased at the SWCD, 220 West Livingston St., Celina or the Helena. These coupons are being offered at the affordable price due to a cooperative effort between the Grand Lake/Wabash Watershed Alliance, the Lake Improvement Association and the Helena Agronomic Center. Walker wanted to clarify that a Battelle report which will soon be released calls for less boots on the ground and to let your elected officials know that it would be a big mistake to implement that aspect of the report. She announced that the Conservation Camp, for youth ages 9 -12, will be held on Friday, July 8, 2011 at the Harbor Point 4-H Camp. Pre-registration is required by calling Laura Walker at (419)586-3289 or by email at laura.walker@mercercounty.org. Walker’s
explained the need to dispose of old tires properly and there will be a “Scrap Tire Amnesty Day” on May 14, 2011 at the Celina Fairgrounds. In closing she announced the Mercer Co. Home Show this weekend and hopes people will attend. She said she would take questions after the meeting.

President Lovett gave an update on LRC activities, particularly two items. Milt Miller, of the LRC, is currently raising another $500K to buy “Sediment Collectors” and “Airy Gators.” He encouraged all to donate to the effort. The second item is that the Battelle report on page 20 states that the “Airy Gators” were effective. The issue now is how should this technology be applied. Should it be a lake wide effort with 30-40 Airy Gators or placing the Airy Gators in strategic locations around the lake using 6-10?

Brian Miller, Interim GLSM Park Director, made the following announcements:

The lake level on March 1, 2011 was 23 inches above the flood level. We are looking at 2003 and 2005 levels.

East Bank Marina has reopened by Freedom Outdoors will have a grand opening on March 12-13 and he encouraged LIA members to go by and welcome them to the area. It will be a full service marina.

Special Park discounts have been announced for park and private docks and campsite and camp facilities. The 50% reduction is taken after the 2011 $5 increase. Late fees will kick in on May 1st, so get your fees in soon.

The Park facilities will be opened on April 1, 2011.

The Lake Cleanup Day is April 30, 2011. The meeting place is the St. Marys Shelter House #1 on the East Bank at the Shaymore Building (little concrete building) on Windy Point Rd. and the West Bank launch area. Supplies will be provided for volunteers The Park Service is desperate for volunteers. If enough volunteers are not available her will have to pull the dredging crews off the dredgers to do the cleanup. Those collecting trash and needing the Park to pick it up should call him at (419)394-3611. Volunteers are needed to check the loaner buoys as well.

Work is currently being conducted to set standards for toxin levels and appropriate lake postings for the different levels. Dredging is being conducted on the West Bank but when the ice melts the other two dredgers are ready to be put in the lake.

The Alum Demonstration Project will be repeated on April 5-12, 2011. The bids went out yesterday with a deadline for submission of March 18, 2011. The three curtained demonstrations will be an 8.11 acres section at West Beach will be testing the Granular Alum. A 7.6 acres area at the State Campground lagoon will be testing the Hydrogen Peroxide and Alum treatment. The final test site will be a higher dose of alum at the Windy Point East channel area of 5.3 acres.

The launch ramp will not be available this spring. The ramp will be closed during the testing but would be reopened by April 30, 2011. The areas will be monitored for 30 days.

The $5 million from the Ohio EPA for alum application is scheduled for application in mid-May for 30 days. The grant is for the application of alum and nothing else. To learn more about this project there will be a meeting at Wright State University, in Dickey Hall on March 21,2011 at

The State will bring in professional fisherman to remove the rough fish – Gizzard Shad and Carp – from the lake. These specs are currently being developed but Brian Miller’s Park employees have been asked to begin the removal with 6 trap nets. Miller is asking for volunteers and may have some funds in the future to pay some seasonal employees for this job.

President Lovett acknowledged Brian Miller’s hard work and those in attendance should thank Miller when they get a chance. He then asked for questions from the floor.

Question: What has happened to the (sediment) collector on the Big Chickasaw because it is not working and this is when the collector is needed most. President Lovett said that he would get it checked out.

The winner of the 50/50 was Denny Brown who donated his winnings to the LIA Fishing Derby. The LIA raised $45 from the 50/50.



Next Meeting April 2, 2011
Celina Moose Lodge, 10:00a.m.