A new water restoration test has begun on Grand Lake St. Marys, according to an article written by Nancy Allen for the Daily Standard.  Allen writes:


Another pilot started Tuesday on Grand Lake, this one using aeration and natural microbes to reduce sediment and improve water quality.
The test is being conducted in a channel at Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices by Organic Pond, a Fraser, Mich.-based company.
No local funds are being used to do the test, Milt Miller, manager of the Lake Restoration Commission, said.
Two test areas totaling an acre have been set up in the channel. The first area is closed off from the lake with a curtain; the second is open to the lake.
Three weighted air stations that emit tiny air bubbles have been sunk in each of the test areas, Jeff Kennedy of Organic Pond said. The aeration energizes existing bacteria in the water to start the natural cleaning process and then additional bacteria sprayed into the water speeds it up. 
The entire system costs about $7,000.
"The cool thing about the bacteria is they are naturally occurring, nonpathogenic bacteria whose sole purpose is to consume excess nutrients typically found in a pond or lake such as phosphorous runoff, fish waste, decaying algae and weeds, all organic substances on the bottom," Kennedy said.