From Glen Arnold (OSU):

Livestock Mortality Composting Certification WorkshopJanuary 8, 2015, Celina, Ohio. Composting dead animals is an economically and environmentally beneficial method of dead animal disposal. And, it’s approved by the state, but livestock producers must attend a certification course such as this one.     Details

From OSU CFAES News:

Free workshops offered on developing nutrient management plans (NMPs).  Held at four different locations, the workshop will demonstrate two software packages that can be used to develop NMPs that meets NRCS requirements.     Details  

From Jill Heemstra (LPELC):

WEBINAR: Planning for Winter Manure SpreadingNovember 21 at 2:30 pm. Eric Dresbach, a custom applicator in Ohio, and others will provide practical and science-based solutions for those who have no or limited manure storage.     Details

November Newsletter.  Learn about US PEA inspections, the Manure Poo Conference of 1898, and manure composting for cleaning blue whale bones.     Newsletter

From Ohio Ag Net:

Reducing fertilizer needs by accounting for soil microbes.  USDA-ARS researchers have developed the Soil Health Tool, a laboratory test that accounts for the nutrients contributed by microbes, not just inorganic sources.     Article

From Manure Manager:

Manure application: New technology from the old world. The ‘dribble bar’, developed in Europe and recently brought to Canada, uses tubes to drip liquid manure during application. It may improve consistency in application rates and reduce crop burn and odors.     Article

Cayuga County dairy farmers talk about water quality issues during ‘road show’.  The program, hosted New York agency and Cornell University, provided information on best practices and regulations for manure storage and application, including frozen ground.     Article

MDA awards $970,000 for new manure management tech. A fluidized bed combustion system will generate heat and electricity for use at a Maryland poultry farm. The high-phosphorus ash, a by-product, is expected to generate additional income.     Article

From Wyandot SWCD:

Employment opportunity.  District technician position to assist with surveying and designing drainage and conservation practices. For more information, contact the Wyandot SWCD at 419.294.2312.