OCAMM Odds and Ends submitted by Mary Wicks and Ag Solutions' Jim Keller: 

From BioCycle:

REFOR 13 ConferenceOctober 20-23, Columbus, OH.  Workshop, speakers, and tour will cover the latest on anaerobic digestion and renewable waste energy, including on-farm systems and food waste utilization.     Details 

From David White (OLC):

Extensive coverage of the MSR in National Hog Farmer.  The September edition features three articles on this year’s Manure Science Review:   Steve Prochaska’s insights on the 4Rs (pg. 6); environmental stewardship at Hord Livestock (pg. 9); and David White’s excellent presentation on how to build consumer trust (pg. 12).     Details

From Andrew Londos (OSU Extension):

WEBINAR:  Feed management for beef feedlots to reduce air emissions, November 13 at 1 pm.  USDA researchers will present feed management techniques that can reduce ammonia and enteric methane emissions.     Details

Cover crop workshop.  The workshop will be held on Nov. 14 in Celina, OH; Dec. 10 in Ottawa, OH; and Jan. 14 in Erie County, OH.  The day-long program will be the same at each location, with topics including soil ecology and nutrient recycling, soil compaction, cover crop economics, and more.     Details

From Jim Keller (Ag Solutions):

Slake and infiltration test video.   Ray Archuleta demonstrates the effects of no-till farming on soil structure.    Video

From Ohio Ag Net:

Preplan for better soil test results.  Soil analysis is critical to ensure that nutrients are available for optimal crop production and effective in the long term. Soil sampling strategies that consider crop and nutrient application practices and sampling methods will give the best results.     Details

From Angel Arroyo-Rodriuez (Ohio EPA):

WORKSHOP: Cultivating Community CompostingOctober 19, 2013, Columbus, OH. Community composters, urban farmers, and community gardeners will learn about tools and issues for composting food wastes at a small scale.  Representatives from two community composting programs in New York City and one in Vermont will share their experiences.     Details

From Manure Manager:

UI scientist makes plastic from cow manure.  Dr. Erik Coats, University of Idaho, ferments dairy manure to create an organic acid-rich slurry that is fed to bacteria that bond the carbon into polymers.  When dried, the biomass can be used for biodegradable plastics.     Details

Chicken waste fuels conversation on thermal energy.  A Pennsylvania facility is generating synthetic gas from layer manure and selling the P-rich ash byproduct for land application or as a feed ingredient, although FDA approval is still pending for some uses.     Details

Manure processor comes out smelling like a rose.  A Canadian company, which has a patented manure treatment system for nutrient reduction and water purification, has received a $100,000 prize to install a commercial-grade lab that will allow it to expand its markets.     Details